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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 28, 2003 || 7:25 pm

HEY! My lovely pal Keith has submitted a photo to Jones Soda.

In case you are wondering why he might do such a goofy thing, Jones uses photos by everyday feebs like you and me on their labels. I, for one, think Keith’s photo is a fine one and deserves to be wrapped around the next cream soda I purchase. Won’t you go vote for it?

Rate honestly, please. Certain unnamed fuckjobbers have been undercutting the vote. I feel particularly driven to beat those fucking vote-stacking Beckers and their Macaroni Crayon.

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  1. clayton 6.28.2003



  2. jen 6.28.2003

    that was a cool photo, i voted…and made it a big fat ten-oh.

    do i get a lollipop or something for that?

  3. Keith Morris 6.28.2003

    Thanks! You guys rock! :D Jett’s my hero.

  4. Kate S. 6.28.2003

    Thanks for the cool link to a very cool dude, Jett. He sounds like an extraordinary human bean, full of talent and unabashedly exhibiting that kind compassion I keep hoping to see, but that sadly keeps falling through the cracks.

  5. Sean 6.29.2003

    I had pics too…


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