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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 29, 2003 || 12:14 am

Elton John songs always remind me of him.

Always make me want to fall on my face and sob, no matter where I am. No matter who sees.

Too much wine, not enough truth. Don’t get me wrong, enough truth in all but that one arena. Some people you never shake.

Fucking Elton John, man. Flat palm on peachy-bronze belly. Devilish grins. Furrowed brows. Dancing along the edge. Perfecting stupidity as well as passion. We were harder on each other than bodies have a right to be.

But no one could ever say that there wasn’t love.

And tonight, ohhhh, tonight, there’s wine and Elton John and an ache in my chest that I’ll never shake no matter how long and far I run from it.

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  1. melly 6.29.2003

    Do that to me one more time, once is never enough– oh, that ain’t Elton. Can I call you and sing it anyways?

  2. KC 6.29.2003

    “I never realised the passing hours

    Of evening showers

    A slip noose hanging in my darkest dreams

    I’m strangled by your haunted social scene

    Just a pawn out-played by a dominating queen

    It’s four o’clock in the morning

    Damn it listen to me good

    I’m sleeping with myself tonight

    Saved in time, thank God my music’s still alive”

    Elton John at his best there…i’m sure you know this song.

  3. Kate S. 6.29.2003

    “Flat palm on peachy-bronze belly.”

    Nice image. Reminds me of …. uh…oh yeah!


    And honey, for you there will be love again. After you get over this one. A new love that will soothe the ache in your chest just like Tiger Balm Salve!

  4. Sean 6.29.2003

    Live version of Levon, or Take me to the Pilot. omg I could listen to that all day…

  5. Jettomatika 7.1.2003

    Kate: this entry refers to the one that I never got over and never will.


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