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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 29, 2003 || 6:39 pm


Sign-ups for Blogathon 2003 are officially underway! Get yourself on over there and sponsor me! You can sponsor other people, as well, but most importantly, sponsor me! Your momma will be so proud! Crowds will part in the streets, out of awe and respect! Your breath will be minty-fresh! You will understand all sorts of words that you had no comprehension of before!

This year, because I am on the Blogathon Team (check out the Yellow Darts’ blolg, where a particularly LOVELY photo of me is featured…), I will not be adhering to the self-imposed ‘no prewriting’ rule that I’ve held to in the past. I will be much busier during the ‘thon, and there will just be no way that I can juggle everything and write off-the-cuff, as well.

SO, this year I have a project, and I’m excited about it. It’s entitled ‘Parts of the Whole’, and will feature, in lieu of a written post each half-hour, photos of various body parts from forty-six different webloggers. There will be a list of URLs along with each photo so that readers can attempt to correctly identify which part belongs to which blogger.

There will be PRIZES, of course!

Hey, you know what? You can sponsor me. No, really, you can. And I will love you forever and ever and ever. I will!

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  1. Tracee 6.30.2003

    I would love to participate. :)

  2. Kate S. 6.30.2003

    3 queries: 1. Is it me, or does Bran look like Drew Barrymore? 2. We have to pick “categories” for our blogs? 3. Is that a straw hanging out of your mouth?

  3. Jettomatika 6.30.2003

    No, Bran looks like Laura Gage, a girl I went to elementary school with.

    Categories, whaaa?

    Smokarette. Hanging out of my mouth. Back when I used to smoke those hella long hundred-mile-an-hour thangs.


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