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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 29, 2003 || 11:14 pm


Michael is one hell

Of a guy

Hat-ley! Hat-ley!

Gratitude and kudos to Michael, who is my first Blogathon sponsor. Goes to show you how two people that meet via a heated debate in someone’s comments (and have wildly differing opinions and matching big egos/hot heads) can bounce differing opinions off one another, disagree and walk away friends, shaking hands. I’ve called him a hermaphrodite, he’s insinuated that I have a scalding case of herpes…

And I’d buy that boy a beery-beer in a heartbeat. He takes purty pitchers, even for a liberal do-gooding mucky-muck. He is great for conversation. You should check him out.

Just so you know, if you sponsor a blogger (hopefully me, wheee!), your pledge is not collected until the end of the ‘thon. So, if you are hesitant because of purse strings, you can pledge now and save for the next month! GO! SPONSOR! YAY TEAM!

pee ess….Lisa has a gorgeous site, and she’s a sassy momma who won’t tolerate disrespectful kids (she put tobasco sauce on her fifteen-year-old son’s friend’s tongue, don’t you love it?). You can peek in on her here.

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  1. dave 6.30.2003

    yeah, she does have a good site. when i was a kid, when i swore, i’d get the tabasco sauce on the tongue too. not sure what it means that today i love tabasco and swear like a sailor…

  2. like a sailor? then, arrr, you’re not welcome here!

  3. Kate S. 6.30.2003

    Michael Hatley is possibly one of the most compassionate men I’ve ever come across, in recent years. Of course, I’m pretty isolated up here…thanks for the link. (Damn girl! All your links are good! You a quality woman, you is.)

  4. Lisa 7.1.2003

    Thanks for the link :) Sometimes a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do…..even if it includes tobasco sauce!


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