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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 1, 2003 || 1:43 pm

Four-year-old Mathias is having difficulty remembering to put the seat down when he takes a leak.

Last night, as I stumbled sleep-drunk and blind into the bathroom, I didn’t even think to check for his vigilance (or lack thereof) in this arena.

I got a wonderful assbath. The water was cold and shook any hint of sleepy cobwebs out of my head. Plus, there was that whole gross-out factor, no matter how clean the toilet and water were.

If that shit happens again, imoan kill that kid, regardless of how cute and funny and wonderful a child he is.

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  1. jen 7.1.2003

    i just hope he’s not as forgetful about flushing….

  2. Jettomatika 7.1.2003

    Thanks, Jen, and SCREW YOU! Screw you for making me think on that!


    For the record, though, Mathias is one HELL of a flusher. I throw immense fits if I am gifted with a yellow bowl.

  3. Kate S. 7.2.2003


    The poor man’s bidet.


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