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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 2, 2003 || 12:59 am

My God, Amelia’s weblog is a delicious pile of words, nimbly thrown together, loose and cohesive. Living, scribbling proof that sometimes the ‘recently updated’ column on the Blogger splash page can offer up pure gold.

Somebody host her; get that girl offa blog*spot.

Someone who grooves on ‘But Not the Hippopotamus’ ranks high in my book. Plus, there is lots of quotey goodness over there. See for yourself:

I don’t know if its a boy or a girl, but I secretly hope that there’s two of them. I feel like wanting twins is a little bit like a little girl wanting a pony – realistically, it would be a ton more trouble and sweat and hard feelings than I can even imagine, but guess that’s still the little girl that’s left in me. Wouldn’t mind a pony either, to tell you the truth.


My husband is a great big teeming ball of crazy neediness.


As I try to understand the world of the living web a little better by reading other blogs, who’s authors seem much like those screaming, authority-figure camp counselors, I wonder what I could possibly have to offer in a world whose foundations are built in sarcasm and political serration. I spend a good chunk of my day wondering what makes a total stranger interesting. Maybe its stories about naked girl scouts. Maybe its just someone who’s passionate about life. Maybe both.

In honor of you, dear Jillzilla, I give the (to the best of my knowledge) untitled nonsense round that we used to rattle off, loudly and off-key, when I was a wee Brownie Scout:

One night, one morn
When I was born
And the whistle went toot-toot
You could buy a snake
Or fry a cake
While the magpies were in blooooom.
Does six and six make nine?
Does ice grow onnnnn a vine?
Is Old Black Joe an Eskimo
In the good ole sum-mer-tiiiime?
Welllll, loopity-loop in the noodle soup
Just to give those socks a shine…
I’m guilty, Judge;
I ate the fudge:
Three cheers for Auld Lang Syne!
I’d rather not telllll a lie,
I hocked an apple piiiiiie;
It’s on a tree,
Beneath the sea,
Above the great blue sky!
Ohhhhh, if Easter eggs
Don’t wash their legs, then
Their children will have ducks
I’d rather buy a lemon pie
For forty-seven bucks!
Way down in Baarrrr-celonia,
They jumped intooo the foamia,
And that is aaaaaall bolognia.
Paderewski blow your horn

Don’t ever tell me I’m without cul-chah.

And I came about thiiiiis ( ) far from Audioblogging that shit so you people could get the full effect/enjoyment. Maybe another time.

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  1. melly 7.2.2003

    I wanted twins. My parents were horrified. I thought about lying to them when I had my ultrasound at four months.

    Wouldn’t that have been funny? To come home and tell my mom that she gets to pay for not one, but two babies?

    What a laugh we would have had.

  2. Kate S. 7.2.2003

    What a cute song. I was a brownie but I don’t really remember any of it. Lots of glue and paste.

    You should audioblog it, so we can have a melody to go with it.

  3. Kate S. 7.2.2003

    Yep, you’re right, as usual: Amelia’s blog overflows with incredibly powerful writing. I have decided to cut or, cull, a few out of the herd to be replaced with these sterling quality writers. THIS is why I started blogging in the first place. To dream of words that mesmorize.

    Thank you for your excellent super-sleuth abilities.

  4. Jettomatika 7.2.2003

    melliloulou: yes, it’s like our brains shoot out of our heads when the mucous plug is installed. I too had the double baby fantasy. They actually thought Sam was two because I looked like I was six months along when I was only three. The kid was like a cinder block, I swear.

    Kate: Yes, honey, paste fumes and sugary liquids with copious dyes….and they wonder where they fucked up with us?

    And I’m not so much a super sleuth as I am fortunate. I run up on PLENTY of ‘today sux0rs, toomorraow will be kewler’ bullshit to find this other stuff.

  5. Jettomatika 7.3.2003

    I’m so very disappointed that none of you miscreants has made mention of my ‘brownie scout’ link.

    You fuckers. Way to let me down.

  6. Kate S. 7.3.2003

    Oh my! I completely missed that link. But, now that I’ve seen it….um, I really got nothin’.


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