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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 11, 2003 || 1:36 am

Keith, God love him, is running around telling everyone that I don’t wear panties. So much for private conversations being sacred.

Keith, I am never, ever having hotsweatysex with you now. God knows what you’d tell your readership just for the sake of a good story.

It seems that Keith has no sponsors as of yet (he’s blogging for the American Cancer Society) and is getting frustrated. I tried to remind him that this is his first year doing the Blogathon and that it takes a bit for people to scrape the rust off their checkbooks and wallets that first year. I also told him that by the end of the ‘thon, he’ll be amazed at the sponsors that have come walking out of the woodwork when they experience that admiration and awe for him and his Strong Bionic Blogathonning Kung-Futm.

Keith is a hardheaded boy and doesn’t listen. Finally I got tired of him crying about his pussy hurting and just handed him my idea for next year’s ‘thon (you can say a lot of things about me, but you can’t call me a bad friend, oh no): For every X amount of dollars pledged, post a picture of a weblogger’s panties. Not everyone wants to bare flesh for Cyberia, but some folks would gladly show their undies. Face it, there are some people whose underwear you would just love to see. That having been said, once Keith’s sponsorships have reached a hunnert dollars, he’ll be posting a photo of my undies. You should go sponsor him. You know you’ve always wondered about what I drape my naughty bits in.

His tagline is fucked up in the most delicious manner: ‘If not for the panties, do it for the patients.’

Ray Angel lives in Albion, Indiana. Ray Angel is Blogathonning for Doctors Without Borders. Ray Angel has totally captivated my imagination this Blogathon. For every hundred-dollar pledge Madman Ray (as I choose henceforward to call him) gets, that boy will put on a dress and run around Albion for one hour carrying a sign that says “I’M A PRETTY LADY.” Keep in mind that Albion appears to be a smallish sort of town, making this sort of stunt all the richer. Shit like this virtually disappears in a big city; in a podunk burg it floats on people’s tongues for a millenia. Now, you people know I’m recently unemployed, but I’m dying to see this cat do it. Somebody pony up! Ray has nads like no other, and I need a fucking chuckle! Plus, you can even pick the message for his sign, if you’d like. Fifty bucks gets you a half-hour while a hunnert gets you the full hour. C’mon, Muffinasses, do-it! Do-IT! DO-IT!

Speaking of Muffinasses, look what my future fiance and cellmate (although, we are unsure of what order those two things will happen in as of yet) whipped up!

Now all my precious Superior Muffinasses can tout that fact loud and proud. Just right-click that button and save it to your own little corner of Cyberia, please. Here’s the accompanying code:

&lta href=”http://www.decablog.com/jett/blog.php” title=”Proud Superior Muffinass, and my JettGrrrl loves me!”&gt&ltimg src=”INSERT_IMAGE_FILE_PATH_HERE” border=0&gt&lt/a&gt

Do keep in mind that I’m a technotard of the highest order: You’ll need to change them thar brackets to the <> dealies. Thanks for the fix, John!

For your further linking pleasure, here is a blinkie

that Jo-Ann made me some time ago and I, in my wondrous fashion, misplaced. Der. Thanks, Jo-Ann!

&lta href=”http://www.decablog.com/jett/blog.php” title=”[All blogged up and nowhere to go.]“&gt&ltimg src=”INSERT_IMAGE_FILE_PATH_HERE” border=0&gt&lt/a&gt

Remember, you can sponsor me, as well. All pledges are just that –pledges– and aren’t due and payable until AFTER the ‘thon. Even then, I don’t touch a dime of that money…you get to send it straight to the charity, thus having the comfort of knowing that I won’t be out carousing and buying rounds of beer and sausages for fellow revellers and wayward travellers in some random dive down in Mexico somewhere. And let me clarify something here: The Blogathon is all about raising money for good causes. Absolutely. In the spirit of Keith’s ‘If not for the panties, do it for the patients.’ line, I must admit that in my case, it’s about merciless competition also. Heavy-handed competition! Beating the pants off of all those other steenkeeng webloggers (even Keith and Ray Angel) and their contributors! I want to win a PRIZE this year, dammit! I want to finally break 1K for my charity, but I want a PRIZE, too! Currently I am running tenth, and while it is better than running in the three-hunnert fifteenth slot, it will never do! Help me deliver the righteous smackdown. Buoy me upon your pocketbooks and wallets to absolute, utter vic-tohhhh-reee!

And help Tourette research and education; it benefits so many others, not just those with TS. People with all sorts of neurological conditions benefit from the research that TSA funds. Your ten bucks, twenty bucks, or (and Lord hep me, I may just have a stroke if I ever get a Franklin for a pledge) hunnert bucks would be well-spent. Really. And you might just get to see a grown Jett cry real, heartfelt tears of gratitude.*

* ESPECIALLY if I win something really cool, like nipple clamps (but really, I don’t think Cat has those in the prize queue).

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  1. Keith 7.11.2003

    Well shit.

    I’m pretty sure I don’t have one of those, Ms. Superior. If I did, it would have made our hotsweatysex more interesting, to say the least.

    And besides, *tries to think of something witty to say* I’m late for work. *fails miserably*

  2. Keith 7.11.2003

    I honestly didn’t think that telling folks about the panties would make you so squeamish. You certainly don’t cross me as the type, and I don’t recall you swearing me to secrecy on that note. If I thought that idea of a woman not wearing any panties provoked a negative opinion of said woman, I certainly would have left that detail out.

    However close I drew the line, I would NEVER devulge the slightest of hints about our passionate love-making. So we’re still on, right? :)

  3. Keith 7.11.2003

    What is up with your comments, girl!?

    Let me just explain in case it reappears and makes me look like a bigger idiot.

    I left two comments, not including this one. After the second one, I opened your comments back up, and it disappeared! It still said 2 spills, but my comment is now gone.

    And it was goooood. Bring it back.

  4. Keith 7.11.2003

    And it reappears, making me look like a bigger idiot. :P

    It WAS gone. I swear it! Phooey.

  5. John 7.11.2003

    < =

    <a href=”http://www.decablog.com/jett/blog.php” title=”<All blogged up and nowhere to go.&gt”&gt<img src=”INSERT_IMAGE_FILE_PATH_HERE” border=0&gt</a&gt

    Super duper handy cheat sheet

    Well, all I can offer blogathoners currently in moral support and what little tech support I do know.

    Work with what you got, right?

  6. John 7.11.2003

    Hmmm OK something still wrong. The first less than entity needs a “;” at the end. There’s another one needs before the “img src”


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