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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 12, 2003 || 4:35 pm

“One, ahhhahhhahh, one bitchy blogger! Two! Two bitchy bloggers!”

–The Oh-So-Astute and Descriptive Maxim Superior, in his best Sesame Street’s ‘The Count’ impersonation

You people are fucking insane. The bulk of my regular readership will be scratching their heads (and not because of the cooties, this time) and going, “Whaaaaa? Just what are you talking about, crazypersongirl?”, but some of you will totally grok what I’m saying. In the past several days, this is what I’ve seen:

// some folks misinterpreting what other folks have said and reacting badly to what they ‘thought’ or assumed was actually being said

// some folks being intolerant of differences in opinion

// some folks characterizing differences in opinion as intolerance

// some folks refusing to take a step back, breathe, drop pretension and actually try to understand what was being said

// a lot of useless bandwagoning and finger-pointing

// people so insecure in the strength of their position(s) that they try to shut down anyone else’s at the outset of what could be an informative discussion

// people dropping in in the midst of a situation and spewing just for sake of spewing, like they were an expert (more than likely because they weren’t getting enough attention at the time)

// hissy fits and blog shutdowns over virtually nothing (see histrionics post earlier in the week)

// misrepresentation and outright maiming of actual facts and behaviors

// deletions and revisions of posts and comments and such, further muddying the waters (what do you have to hide, huh?)

// dozens of sane voices bucking up and saying, “You know, we’re real sick of this shit.”

// dozens of sane voices being called all manner of names, most especially of the ‘cunt’ variety by those who think that loyalty and sanity can’t go hand-in-hand

// lots of ‘I’m all for an open, honest discussion, but…’ and ‘I support your right to free speech, but….’, etc.

// people afraid to sit up after taking stock or seeing a repeat of the same crap overandoverandover and say, ‘You know what, you’re out of liiiiiine.’

// baseless claims of fear for personal and professional safety (you show me fucking hardcore proof, champy, and I’ll be your most strident, vocal advocate….but don’t you fucking go all Chicken Little or I’ll call you on it in a New York minute)

// general free-form bad behavior

// pitifully weak excuses

// plain, unfettered ignorance

// beyond-horrible decorum

// insecurity by the boatload

// shameless goading

// copious mindless fucktardery

…and this is just from two ‘blog dramas’. You people, God help you, need real worries (although I do not wish them on you in earnest), real troubles. I say this because, if you had them, you would not have the energy or the time to be out here spoiling what should be –and for the most part, is– a rich, creative medium for each other and attempting to fuck it up for the rest of us.

We Southerners refer to this as being ‘Pure-D Ignert’.

That’s it! I need a button. A button stamped ‘Pure-D Ignert’. I would stamp you people with it as a reminder to you that most of us find your bullshit reprehensible and foolish. Some of you should be required to have a license to log on to the InterWeb. There should be a basic skills test, to include a section on social and moral development. You make the rest of us fucking sick and ashamed to float in the ether with you. It’s bad enough you occupy our planet….why must you screw with what should be our arena of escapism, as well?

Gotdammit! The internet is for e-mail and lookin’ at boobies, you cracked-ass fuckwipes. Get with the program.

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  1. Pernicious 7.12.2003

    What program?

  2. yvonne 7.12.2003

    Gurrrrrrl, that’s what I’ve been saying all along, it’s all about the boobies. I have plenty of them posted if you’re interested.

  3. John 7.12.2003

    Ah, see I should have came here earlier. but I’m swearing off certain sites for good. I don’t know why I ever let myself get dragging into it. Time after time, everyone on either side is wrong about this and right about that, but dumb all over.

    I need to listen to Zappa or something. I do feel cured though. Creavity drainers suck.

  4. Jettomatika 7.12.2003

    Yvonne! I know you would like nothing better than to lure me into your sintrap! FOR! SHAME!

  5. yvonne 7.12.2003

    oh, you know me so well, that kinda turns me on.

  6. pie queen 7.12.2003

    What’s this post about? Did I miss something?

  7. Michael 7.12.2003

    From what little I know of one of these “blog dramas”, well – all I can say is thank Apollo I don’t cruise those circles.

    And on this Sat, all I have to say is puff puff GIVE! Too much stress leads to constipation, too much constipation leads to wars. Wars, lead to suffering – hate leads to suffering. Ergo stress = hate.

    By damned, I’m going to start up a cult.

  8. jen 7.12.2003

    i want an Ignert button!!!!!


    but, hell….you said it, jett…this place can get awful fucked up, awful fucking fast.

    make blogs, not war

  9. waistdog 7.13.2003

    I’ve done some shameless Goating in the past; But now I have Yvonne’s wonderland of boobies to keep me sidetracked.

  10. Geoffrey 7.13.2003

    HEY! I resemble ALL those examples!

  11. Dean 7.13.2003

    I don’t care about all the bitchy blogger stuff, but I love it that you know how to use the word “grok”!

  12. lame

  13. But it makes the summer fuuuuun, Jett! Any more “I bought this at IKEA…” or “I had for breakfast…” and I’m gonna puke.

    You know, not everybody is as hard-hitting, interesting, and on the money as you darlin’.

    “Gotdammit! The internet is for e-mail and lookin’ at boobies, you cracked-ass fuckwipes. Get with the program.”

    Oh can I get an AMEN from the congregation?

    *runs back to Yvonne’s site*

  14. dj mo fo 7.15.2003

    well said! bravo! i’ve only been blogging a year this september and shit, there have been 4 big ass dramas since i’ve started. i’m sick of the shit. and you’re right, if they could only focus on the REAL problems of their lives and everyone else’s, they would see that their high school shit needs to stop. no one gives a ratt’s ass.


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