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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 13, 2003 || 11:22 pm

Happy fucking bloggiversary to me-eeeeee! Three whole years today. And I’ve only used the word ‘insouciant’ once in that whole time.

I gotta remedy that.

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  1. Keith 7.13.2003

    Where do you come up with words like that? I have to carry a dictionary around with me in order to hold a conversation with you, you know that? I love it. :)

  2. jen 7.14.2003

    happy blogiversary, jetto.

  3. waistdog 7.14.2003

    Happy Blogiversary!

  4. trish 7.14.2003

    Happy telling strangers your personal business day.

  5. John 7.14.2003

    It’s too bad OED subscriptions are so expensive, but then you’d be able to be insouciantly obscure to the extreme. I would have to get a subsript too.

    Happy B-day

  6. Leslie 7.14.2003


  7. Dean 7.14.2003

    Congrats and here’s hoping there’s many more!

  8. guy 7.14.2003

    You go, girl! Three down, 300 more to go. I wish I understood why the pix on your blog will not appear on my home system (in either Mozilla 1.4 OR M$IE 5.5, but do just fine on my Mozilla or IE at the office. I sorta suspect it’s a Javascript thing, but …

  9. dave 7.14.2003

    let it die, will ya?

  10. Johnny T 7.14.2003

    The fact that you havn’t used the word ‘insouciant’ more than once insouciants me.

  11. melly 7.14.2003

    Let’s hope bukkaka is the the new insouciant.

    I don’t know what the fuck that means, but I’m sure John will have a story for me that will explain it all.

  12. Joe 7.14.2003

    Don’t think that word has crossed my blog yet. Bukkake is another word that hasn’t made it on either. I have used pie hole and if I’m not mistaken I may have used the word logorrhea, and even cacophony!

  13. Happy blog-i-versary.

    I have linked you. You lucky person you.

  14. brynne 7.14.2003

    I’m not sure why I’m correcting this, but I think it’s bukkake

    yeah. never mind.

  15. Anonymous 7.14.2003

    I’ve never done anything for more than 3 years… except live (I think). You’re doing great and we all love you!

  16. Jettomatika 7.15.2003

    Keith: my mother never would spell jack SHIT for me when I asked. She allus directed me to the dictionary.

    Jen: why thank you, madam.

    waisty: why thank you, sir.

    Trisher: what a wonderful way of putting it!

    John: I think that, by virtue of being a technotard, EVERYTHING online should be free to me.

    Leslie and Dean: thanks so much!

    guy: it cracks me the fuck up how every time you come out of the woodwork you’re muttering something about how the page displays in/on this or that. >:o) I DON’T KNOW! I’m just an idiot with a computer and friends with design sk1llz!

    davey: why do I keep having to remind you that THE PATS SUUUUUUCK? and honey, I love you too.

    Johhny T: niiiiiice. I can always count on you in a clinch.

    melly: SEE? YOU’RE the reason that people search these crazy fucking terms that I’ve NEVER used and they end up here. You forgot to mention latex pr0n and clown fisting.

    Joe: you’re young, yet. Give it time. I, for one, am impressed that ‘logorrhea’ has already made it into your queue.

    Eric-person: I don’t know whether to be thrilled or to throw things! I’ll follow your lead on this one, okay?

    bryndo: MY GOD, some of us were taking BETS on who’d correct that one! YOU ARE A DIIIIIIIRTY GIRL, MISSY. Dirtygirl!

    Anon: Awwww, thank you, and please, feel free to drop your shadowy demeanor. We’re all friends here! You know, except for when we’re not.

  17. John 7.15.2003

    IMHO “bukkaka” is how it should be pronounced and I say that because I don’t know how to actually say, “bukkake” and “bukkaka” has more humor value.

    I doubt it’s in the OED.

  18. delmer 7.15.2003

    happy, happy birthday.



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