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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 15, 2003 || 6:06 am

“KEITH!! I just burned my first ceedee!” I told him the other day.

“You’re kidding me,” he replied, “Your first? You really are a technotard, aren’t you??”

I don’t know why you people doubt me when I tell you these things. Why in God’s name would I lie about what a Beavis I am?

This just in, from the Muffinass Mailbag:

I keep asking myself, “WWJD (what would Jett do?)?”, but arson isn’t my forte.

Look, we can’t all be as magically gifted with The Ragetm as I am, and that’s okay. If things get really tight, however, just give me a ring and I’ll loan you some of the overflow, okay?

That’s it; my work here is done for the day. Now off to school with me, where my amazing powers of self-distraction in the face of that pesky crippling, mind-numbing boredom are put to use. When do I get to start poking people with sharp, shiny things??

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  1. Keith 7.15.2003

    Whoa, that’s me. Oh, and in your infinite technotardedness, you forgot to add the http:// to that link to my site, causing it to appear dead. Silly woman. :)

  2. John 7.15.2003


    It’s a word you have to say aloud at least once in your life.

  3. waistdog 7.15.2003

    You can poke ME with sharp shiny things if you’d like.

    But you have to catch me first!

  4. Jett 7.15.2003

    Keith: I was underscoring my point, is all. That’s the story I’m telling in hindsight, anyway.

    John: Ye-ehhth, we come up with the most delicious words here at Superior Industries, don’t we?

    waisty: What if I have, say, an extremely loooong, rocket-powered sharp and shiny thing? What then, huh?


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