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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 16, 2003 || 8:55 pm

(I scribbled this out some time ago and just keep forgetting to post it. Here you are.)

one-hundred things:

1. if you buy me pretty candles, I will burn them; that’s what they’re for.

2. green vegetables, mmmm.

3. red sauce. spicy, not sweet.

4. rabidly loyal to those to whom I take a shine.

5. terrible liar.

6. therefore, don’t waste my time trying.

7. I have a thing for sevens.

8. it’s not sexual.

9. it’s just a number that has reverberated strongly in my life the last few years.

10. it’s commonly accepted that going on a first impression is bad, but I can usually draw a pretty accurate bead on newcomers.

11. I do it disconcertingly fast. Again, accurate.

12. I dislike people.

13. …but am very social.

14. I will size up a room before being drawn into it.

15. Will be drawn into it, no problem.

16. do not will not sit with my back to a crowd.

17. ….or a door.

18. prefer booths to tables, round/square tables to oblong/rectangle.

19. I like to see the people I’m talking to.

20. therefore, don’t yell to me from another room.

21. …or lean back at a crowded table.

22. protein bars: necessity.

23. I prefer ‘cool’ to ‘hottie’.

24. my chiropractor: YAY!

25. I am the only chick I know who doesn’t want to fuck him.

26. I don’t ’see him that way’.

27. I only run when chased.

28. and then it depends on who’s doing the chasing.

29. ivory, then orange, then a deep bluegreen gray.

30. I am an appreciator of the unique.

31. I have nice feet.

32. boy, am I glad, because I like the hell outta some shoes, let me tell you.

33. I have an entire repertoire of faces that I don’t even realize I’m making.

34. I need to work on being more conscious of that.

35. maybe even controlling it more.

36. all my poker skills are just fancy luck with a flourish (see thirty-three).

37. I give all my friends (and most acquaintances) their own nickname.

38. I will only share it with them, though, if I feel a particular kinship there.

39. I once had sex with a man named ‘Cody’.

40. I found it ludicrous, having sex with someone having that name.

41. I called him ‘Larry’, which he responded well to.

42. when I was in first grade there was a bus shed with live gas pump next to it beside the school building.

43. I used to take deep, gulping breaths when I got within five feet of it.

44. my future as a substance abuser was written (or at least, sketched out) in those days, I’m sure of it.

45. I was a music major.

46. I would take a tape recorder into the soundproof practice rooms at school and make all sorts of odd noises to play back and examine later.

47. I would still do that if I had ample access to that space.

48. I was going to buy a motorcycle when I was nineteen.

49. I didn’t because my mother begged me not to.

50. she cited me as ‘reckless’ and professed her fear of me laying it down.

51. while driving it too fast.

52. speed thrills.

53. I’m not even half as smart as I’d like to be.

54. but I’m surrounding myself with intelligent folk so as to stretch.

55. I fear aging growing old.

56. …but not death.

57. I always sleep with some sort of blanket.

58. talk in my sleep.

59. sometimes wish I equipped people with pee emm tape recorders.

60. then I could check out the unconscious ramblings.

61. maybe there’s poetry there.

62. maybe there’s a few laughs.

63. I like to think I’m a giver.

64. but I can’t help but feel selfish.

65. what do I do with praise?

66. actions first and foremost.

67. ….but the words are very, very important, too.

68. do not brush your teeth while I’m in the bathroom.

69. that will make me retch just about as quick as a body can.

70. happy drunk. Happy, happy!

71. don’t understand mean, aggressive, vexing drunks. Why drink then?

72. I like your smile.

73. use it in an un-cocky manner.

74. yes, genuine. Genuine thrills. Genuine draws me in.

75. let me see the you that you withdraw/withhold from the world.

76. I will ask your name a minimum of three times.

77. this has something to do with the stroke I had when I was twenty.

78. once I get something, though, it sticks.

79. I ask questions.

80. they often don’t feel like questions.

81. allergic to most alcohol.

82. two glasses of wine leave me all blotchy and biting my lip.

83. I can drink tequila with the best of ‘em and nevah suffah.

84. matter of fact, I once drank it heavily for about sixteen hours.

85. I peed brown (not dark yellow, brown) for about four days afterward.

86. you need to know your limits.

87. whether or not you intend to respect them, you need to know them.

88. I laugh loud and long and unencumbered.

89. I want you to, as well.

90. Doc Martens, I love thee.

91. all manner of acoustic guitar, you too. Poetry on strings.

92. fine china and bare feet and Nina Simone at the dinner table.

93. grainy black-and-white photos of ancestors, livin’ and pushin’ daisies, scattered liberally about my space.

94. the infinite is scary and exciting, like a roller coaster.

95. I remember looking out of the nursery window at my father and grandfather. Really.

96. to this day I can tell you details like where they were standing and what they wore.

97. I am Southern and proud of it.

98. if you respond to that last one in knee-jerk fashion, you’re not worthy of wasting breath on.

99. I have known much love in my lifetime.

100. I can’t help but feel blessed because of it.

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  1. gabe 7.17.2003

    Being southern you mean? OK by me. I like you site, very slick site everywhere I go I see cool stuff. Say something clever about driving it too fast or tourette’s syndrome or midgets, nope I got nothing. I’ll check back when I am in a more clever no, cleverer mood.

  2. Keith 7.17.2003

    Fucking Beckers. :-D

  3. Dean 7.17.2003

    These 100 things are great, you really can get a sense of someone when you read them. I bet you could have written 500 more things though…. I’m betting that this list barely scratches the surface of the Jett!

  4. G. Oldielocks 7.17.2003

    I wish we lived visiting distance from each other!

  5. Joe 7.17.2003

    #33 thru #35 are so right on it’s not even funny! I caught myself making a very weird and gay looking face at a guy staring at me in traffic about two days ago. I didn’t know I was doing it until it was too late. It was just me being silly but he doesn’t know me so I can only imagine the ass kicking I deserve. #70, me too, very silly happy drunk. #75 it’s all you get, love it or not. #94 you ain’t bullshittin’! You’ve given me ample amounts of material for my blog today!

  6. Heather 7.17.2003

    You have a really awesome blog! I’ll be up all night too. “See” you there!

  7. John 7.17.2003

    Damn, all the cool kids have done one hundred things and I’m just being stubborn for not joining in at some point.

    And don’t think I didn’t catch the sly way in which you pointed out that you wrote it a while ago so you could have a bit of distance on the whole thing in a, “Oh so NOW you decide to do it, huh?”

    See I can just say, um…Oh! I could say that I just keep forgetting to write it! Ha! I could forget to write it one hundred times and then write “100 things about me forgetting to write 100 things”

    Or I could just be making excuses. Or I could just acting silly again…yeah, that’s it.

  8. Jett 7.19.2003

    JOHHHHHN! Stop busting me out!

    No, really….I have a ton of stuff saved to disk that I forget/don’t get around to posting. This was one of them.

    G. Oldie….who knows? Someday we just may. Then we could eat protein bars and exchange knock-knock jokes all the livelong day!


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