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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 19, 2003 || 1:17 am

“Bachelor party: When you hear those two words doesn’t it conjure up a thousand wild images, a cornucopia of ribaldry and misplaced genitalia?”

Joe got screwed, but Joe didn’t get screwed. Read all about the bachelor-party-turned-tent-revival here (oops, archive link broken, scroll to the 16 July entry).

“Where is Adrian Zmed when you need him? Where was the wild titties and ass shaking? Why do I feel like I’ve been let down?”

This guy makes me laugh every time I read him, I swear. What did they do, just decide to corral all the cool kids out in Arizona? Lots of my favorite Cyberians are there. Is it some strange work-release thing? WHAT?

I want to have beers with Joe and the lovely Josie someday; there’s NO TELLING what would happen.

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  1. Bob 7.26.2003

    go read my comments on Joe’s site about our misadventures in hiring entertainment.


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