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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 19, 2003 || 8:00 pm

I laughed like a crazy woman when reading the results (originally typed as ‘resluts’, natch) of this quiz (found over at gnome-girl’s):


Your Hottest Body Part is Your Hair!

A beauty salon is your mothership, and it’s always calling you home.

Your hairstylist is your best friend.

You don’t know how people lived with moose and no mousse.

You make men growl with that fabulous mane.

You can work it by swinging it on the dance floor or mussing it in bed during hot sex.

If they’re looking for the next Jennifer Aniston hair craze, they need look no further than you.

Celebs who work their hair as hard as you do include: Anna Kournikova, Nicole Kidman, Beyoncé Knowles, and of course, Jennifer Aniston.

Want to play up your hair even more?

Wear simple makeup and tops, so that your flowing hair is the main attraction.

Spruce your hair up even more with a little shine, glitter, or highlights.

What’s Your Hottest Body Part??

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Or maybe it’s just all the wiiiine and the (face-in-the-)computer time I’ve put in on my Blogathon project (soon to be officially unveiled). The project has really been more work than I’d previously imagined, but now that the pictures are rolling in and the temporary ‘thon page is nearly tweaked as much as it’s gonna be twuk and the prizes I’m giving away are assembled, I’m getting a tad giddy and gleeful. This year’s Blogathon promises to be lots of fun.

Still, were Miss April Love here, she’d tell me I have ‘computer face’, I’m sure of it.

You know, there really should be a function that allows you to highlight text by clicking the start point and end point and a button withafucking ‘h’ or sommat on it. Is there something like that, and I, in my doddering technotarditudityation, am unaware of it? Or did I just have a really great idea for functionality that some wayward, codes-like-a-fucking-ninja,-maaaan poothead will totally run off and make a million dollars with?

In short, I cain’t highlight text for shit when I’ve got some Merlot sittin’ on my belly and having a hey-day on the other side of the blood-brain barrier. Dropkick Me, Jesus, Through the Goalposts of Life.

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  1. i never know where to go with good ideas. like, i have an idea that cellphone companies could make an absolute mint off of, but who’m i gunna tell without them ripping me off? It’d just be like that school kid who sold the Nike Swoosh for $50.

    I’m sure your withafucking ‘h’ button would go down a treat, too, dear.

  2. Leslie 7.20.2003

    Man those people at Quzdiva have you pegged don’t they???

  3. Dean 7.21.2003

    You really ARE a technotard, aren’t ya? ;-)

    The shift key will do exactly what you describe – just click on the starting point, press the shift key and hold it down, then click on the ending point. Voila!

  4. Jett 7.21.2003

    Once again….why don’t you people ever believe me when I tell you I’m a technotard? Why would I exaggerate my ineptitude? To what end?


    Dean, I just tried this and it’s hella spiffy, thanks!


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