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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 21, 2003 || 1:03 am

Fuuuuuck I’m tired. I feel like my face is going to fall off. I’ve been going around telling people that all day, because it’s true.

You know that Pringles-as-duckbill thing? I’m doing that, right now, as I type. Yeah, I’ve fallen off the wagon: I’ve been hitting the Pringles and (loverly, glawwwrious) Mountain Dew (proudly manufactured and distributed by PepsiCo) pretty hard and pretty regularly as of recent. Conventionally, we can blame this. I never realized a project, even one this relatively small, entailed so much work! And bless me, I had help here and there and a couple more places in-between.

JettSuperior: cal, my fucking face is going to fall off

writtenonthesky: aww

JettSuperior: how do you people do this for a living?

JettSuperior: or, for shitsakes, FUN?

writtenonthesky: rofl

writtenonthesky: yeah lol

JettSuperior: what genetic anomaly exists within you
to make you want to have a thick face and burning
eyeballs and crunkled neck?

writtenonthesky: lmao

writtenonthesky: don’t know

writtenonthesky: sometimes i wonder

Writers hate coding, and developers hate writing.‘ Booyyyyy, ain’t that the truth.

So anyway, I present thee with ‘Parts of the Whole’, and I invite you to play along on the day of the ‘thon. My prizes are notoriously good. Just ask anyone who’s ever been gifted with a TackyPacktm.

You can still sponsor me, too. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit.

Won’t you sponsor me?

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  1. G. Oldielocks 7.21.2003

    Have you tried the Fat Free Pringles? They use some kind of fake fat and taste exactly like the ones with real fat. Only 70 calories for about 15 chips, or less than 500 if you eat the whole can

  2. trish 7.21.2003

    Don’t eat too many of those. They work better than ex-lax.

  3. G. Oldielocks 7.21.2003

    If you eat them all the time, your body gets used to them

  4. I dont like you associating with IM’ers who abbreviate so heavily.

  5. Kate S. 7.21.2003

    That’s a nifty looking project, Jett! This is getting to be so exciting for me, acourse, it’s my first time. I’m a virgin. Would that I could send you a picture of my hymen, but as it was chiselled in stone, it won’t scan.

  6. Jett 7.21.2003


    Richard, we DO come in all shapes, sizes, and literary experimentiness.

    Thanks, darlin’ Kate….you’re gonna have a ball!

  7. Heather 7.22.2003

    I agree. I met John Rzeznik once and it was neat, cept for the screaming 13 year old girls behind me, pressing me into the fence and begging him to sign their bra-strap. *rolls eyes*

  8. John 7.24.2003

    ‘Writers hate coding, and developers hate writing.’

    I must be some strange mutant. I like both. But then I have strong demands on what it is I code. For example, coding on the web is something I have little patience for. I am totally amazed by those that can do it.


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