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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 21, 2003 || 9:26 pm


Okay, what happens when a hippie and a hoser meet one of their musical heroes?

They shake so badly they can hardly hold the farging camera, is what. Out of twenty-eight shots taken on Saturday, only about seven were usable for the company website. And hell, even those aren’t all that great:

Michael is one of the most intellectually grandiose people I know, but apparently Dave Mustaine (and maybe the introduction of his newest signature guitar, too) reduces him to this. He is suddenly fifteen and Beavislike again. Yeah, Michael, Dave has never seen that money shot before. Jesus Christ.

This is one part of the reason that I didn’t accompany the fellas to the NAMM show in Nashabill the other day: I can’t handle pure-d idol worshippin’. I prefer the “Hey, you’re mighty talented” approach, versus the giggly, jellylike, drooly one. Guess which one gets you backstage? Guess which gets you swappin’ musical ideas and licks? Guess which one gets you invited along for beers? Guess which one has you exchanging correspondence down the road?


The other is because, well, if you’ve been to one of these things, you’ve been to them all, and I’ve been to my fair share. *yawn* Maxim hasn’t. He’s fairly new to this end of the industry.

Regaling me with tales of their adventures (which included a Lebanese hooker –no lie– and Michael taking a piss on the federal building during broad daylight in downtown Nashville) when he got in late Saturday night, Maxim said, “He kept eyeballing me hard and saying, ‘Where do I know you from? I know you from somewhere…’”

JETT: “Did you tell him that you were his future bass player and he saw you in a vision?”

MAXIM: “Well fuck no.”

JETT: “Why on earth not?”

MAXIM: “Because I didn’t want him to look at me like my head was on fire.”

JETT: “Honey, haven’t you ever noticed that it’s the people who get looked at like their heads are on fire that get someplace?”

Give me a fiery fucking head any day, man.

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  1. jen 7.21.2003

    ahhh…dave mustaine…makes me want to relive my glorious (albeit, short) groupie days in rock in roll history.


    but, i never DID do the “money shot” – fuck.

  2. waistdog 7.22.2003

    Right on!

    Heads on fire.

    By the way?

    You sure that wasn’t a Lesbian Hooker with a speech impediment?

  3. Bob 7.26.2003

    I’ m sorry that Maxim didn’t have the balls to approach DAVE MUSTAINE about a gig, but….has anyone noticed that the 80’s are over? and for that matter DAVE MUSTAINE?


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