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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 22, 2003 || 10:17 pm

I swear to you that I’ve never laughed so hard in my life; Courtney Love running around hollering, “Don’t get my ass! Don’t get my ass!!” over and over was just too funny in light of this, what I jotted down last night:

I just realized something.

First, some background: I leave my blinds open almost all the time. I’m big on natural lighting, and I often forget to wind those suckers shut when darkness settles over the land.

Anyhow, the bathroom is right across the hall from the dining room, which has big ole windows in it. If I leave the door to the bath open (as I often do when taking a late-evening piss) and the blinds happen to still be open (as they often are), then the house full of college boys down the street totally gets to see my naked ass making the downward descent toward the toilet.

Wouldn’t it be cool if they have it on video?

My psychic throttle is wide open; I got my mojo workin’, baby.

You people are so weird for coming here to read this shit.

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  1. jen 7.23.2003

    don’t get my ass! i have on bad panties!

    no! don’t get my ASS!

  2. Dean 7.23.2003

    It’s only cool if they share…. it’s creeeeepy if they keep it to themselves!


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