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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 23, 2003 || 10:46 pm

(…written with discussions of discontent in mind…God bless you, New Friend….)

“Don’t you know that’s bad luck?” she says to me, but I rarely even registered her voice any more, much less her foolish notions like bad luck or ipsum fatum or whateverthefuck…

“What? What this time?” I shoot at her crossly, the tip of my tongue coming to rest between my teeth. Strange, the little quirks we affect without a hint of awareness about them. Those things count only later, when they’re seemingly the only things you can recall. Important, as they say, is subjective…just like morality and fear.

“You’re not supposed to tear the calendar pages off ahead of time.”

“I doubt, Trinny, that I’m fucking with the time-space continuum here. They’re just calendar pages. I’m bored with today and tomorrow and next Tuesday; let’s bring Wednesday the fourth on down the pike! Heeeeey, Wednesday the fourth, you’re the next contestant in the disappointment that is my life! Come on downnnnn.

By now I am bellowing. This always makes her equal parts squirrelly and ashamed. For me? For meeee?

“Your sarcasm is duly noted and fully unappreciated. It will be brought up as evidence against you in your next moment of vulnerability,” she says evenly.

For good measure, I rip off Wednesday the fourth as well, drawing a blackened, jaggedy heart on its face before offering it to her. She hesitates –that one hesitation that turns ‘do’ into ‘die’– and I tear Wednesday the fourth and its accompanying stilted sentiment into eensy confetti bits of another wasted day.

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  1. Kate S. 7.24.2003

    I’d love to be able to fuck with the space-time continuum.

    But I’d probably need better coffee.

  2. dumbo

    go feel the love

    you dumbo

  3. Miz Patti 7.24.2003

    I have a few days I’d like you to remove from my calendars… if’n you don’t mind? We could start with my birthday for the next 20 or so years… & February 9th has always been a sucky day for me, too… Please-thank-you. Peanut?

  4. G. Oldielocks 7.24.2003

    If I had designed the calendar, I’d have left off January and February completely. Both are yucky months. I would, of course, have moved Valentine’s Day to March 14th. Doing this would add an extra 4 or 5 hours to each day, and then we would not (hopefully) complain that our days are not long enough.


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