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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 24, 2003 || 5:58 am

Today is Setharina Hahntastica’s birthday. He is OLD. He is OLDER than OLD, for today he turns thirty.

It’s good that he sits in a chair and pushes pixels for a job, is all I’m sayin’; you know, because of the OLD thing. Because OLD people have trouble sustaining the labor-y type vocations (*cough*realwork*cough*) like moving bricks or playing kazoo in a strip bar.

Anyhow, I don’t want the Dane to feel like he’s OLD, I want to deceive him into thinking he’s virile and wonderful and loved, so you go on over there and wish that long dranka water a happy birthday, okay??

Pee ess….don’t tell him I told you all this. You know, he’s OLD and bit feeble and it might make him cry. You know how over-emotional OLD people can be….especially OLD people with strange sentimental attachments to lobsters, man.

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  1. John 7.24.2003

    I turned thirty this year and since I’m so old all I could do was talk on the phone. There was drinking too. I was quite happy with that though, I felt no need to go hog wild.

    “Thirty is the new 22.”

    Up is the new down! Get Down! Get Down! Get Down!

  2. The Dane 7.25.2003

    Thanks mucho y’old fart, you. *mwah*


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