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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 28, 2003 || 7:29 pm

So I’m listening to this Irish radio station.

Did you know that over in Ireland, they put on re-enactments of football (soccer, feh) games? Re-enactments. Of football games. Damn, cable internet and a girl living in Hellabammy is exposed to all SORTS of foolishness.

And people think playacting at the Civil War is stupid. Hell, at least that changed the course of American –and dare I say by extension, world– history!

Looky, Ireland. I’ve great affection fahr ye. (<--see? I'm willing to adopt some of the speech patterins) I mean, you're one of me mudderlans. I fhookinh love puhtaytuhs, fhookinh starchy and drawn to me hips as dey arrr. I’ve fiery drawrs for some Cat’lic byes. I’ve the feemed Ireesh tempur.

But I gotta tell ya, Ireland, to re-enact a ballgame is mighty damned stupid. STOOO. PID. You’re gonna need to cut that shit out.

Barring that, I’m just gonna have to make some fun of you.

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  1. Johnny T 7.29.2003

    But Jett, all cultures are beautiful in their own special way. It isn’t right for you to make fun of another culture just because it is different.

    Wait, I guess I’m putting you down for your culture just because your culture of mockery-of-other-cultures is different than my culture of accaptance-of-other-cultures. So I guess it is beautiful for you to mock other cultures. So, if that is your own special means of expression, indulge yourself. I’m going to sit here and think it is beautiful.

  2. guy 7.29.2003

    Well, there are worse things they could reinact — like the Battle of the Boyne…

  3. stinky pete 7.29.2003

    me, i likes to reenact great horse races…I do it with midgets riding dwarves…the excitement is enough to make grown men cry.


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