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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 3, 2003 || 12:34 pm

You know, I’m not the kinda girl to kiss and tell.

But daaaaaaaaamn, sometimes I wish I were.

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  1. KC 8.3.2003


  2. lunar 8.3.2003

    I know that feeling! I don’t feel like writing in my journal, too personal, but I so so so need someone to talk to right now.

  3. Dean 8.3.2003

    “sometimes I wish I were”

    So do we!

  4. redclay 8.3.2003


    not only am i not allowed to kiss and tell,

    i am not allowed to kiss and tell well.

    (it’s not the kissin and tellin i can’t stand. it’s the kissin you cain’t hardly hep but tell, that kills me.)

  5. Jett 8.4.2003

    KC: uhhmm, neenerneener and stuff.

    lunar: super-secret uberjournal, perhaps? I’m told that lots and lots of ‘known’ bloggers have them…

    Dean: maybe there’s a supersecret uberjournal out there with ALL my exploits splashed across it. maybe. >:o)

    redclay: darlin’, don’t I know. (and I got them…just haven’t had time to dive in yet, k?)

  6. sugarmama 8.4.2003

    Ditto. I write the posts anyway, then put them in a folder for unpostable posts.

  7. Leslie 8.5.2003

    But as long as you can call and tell…then its ok. :-D


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