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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 5, 2003 || 7:10 pm

Ahhhhh, for shitsakes.

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  1. BaldFatGuy 8.5.2003

    The END is nigh,

    The end of the world is at hand.

    If the RSS don’t get you the XML will.

    Lost in cyberspace. BFG

  2. John 8.6.2003

    ” The W3C defended its ability to handle the technology, using the XML programming language as an example.”

    Funny stuff. XML is such a hodge podge with so many bad design choices made for 2.0 that I understand Winer’s claim that freezing the core of RSS was his was to avoid things getting out of hand. Of course, I think RSS is an overrated technology. I can barely keep up with reading a handful of sites so pulling in more seems pointless.

    These kind of squabbles are pretty common in the tech industry. I was on the sidelines during the great feuds over VRML (virtual reality modeling language) which suffered a quiet death and is now going through an even quieter rebirth. People put a lot of work into these things and it’s hard to watch others come in and change your precious code. Especially when they claim they are improving it and you feel they are just mucking it up.

    Sometimes great minds come with great egos and they collide against each other. Sometimes it’s entertaining and sometimes it just makes you wonder about us as a species.


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