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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 6, 2003 || 5:54 am

Just an FYI…if you’re on Sand Mountain (and I ask you, who won’t be trapped here in redneck hayull at some point in their life??) and just so happen to be at Super Wal-Mart, I’m fairly difficult to miss.

I’m the shopper with a too-tight ponytail headache (my mother taught me well) and the four-year-old crouched on the bottom shelf, next to the row of Turkey Deep-Fryers that have just been clearanced, saying, “Wook, mommy! I’m a box.”

He’s apparently running out of good material, as last month he was a cat that walked (crawled) and crouched on the back of the sofa for hours on end and a mere two weeks ago found him lying on his back in the floor of the can-foods aisle at the local Piggly Wiggly as I was price-comparing canned peas, his limbs drawn up to him, looking for all the world like what I was sure would turn out to be a cockroach.

“Wook, evahbodee! I’m a weaf!”

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  1. Gary 8.6.2003

    I was by Sand Mountain once. Murders there are impossible to solve. 1. All DNA is identical, 2. No dental records.

  2. Michelle 8.6.2003

    lol That is just too cute!

  3. racheal 8.6.2003



  4. Johnny T 8.6.2003

    I think your kid is going to be really cool when he grows up. Not that he isn’t cool now. At this rate he will be a genius of comedy.

  5. waistdog 8.6.2003

    As west coast manager of Piggly Wiggly Gigglies, I understand your confusion.

    Weaf’s are normally carried in the produce section.

  6. Joe 8.6.2003

    That reminds me of a story when I went shopping with my friend Guy, his sister, and her two and one half year old daughter. They had picked up a package of Hebrew National hot dogs at one point, and every time we passed someone in the store the two year old announced, “We’ve got hot cocks!”


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