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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 13, 2003 || 10:54 am

It’s days like this, the ones that find an emotional maelstrom going on beneath the surface, that I appear the most calm and focused. There’s so much going on internally that I wonder if I’m ever destined to find my full-on groove. To be even, to catch myself in mid-tumble is all I ever strive for some days.

However, I wouldn’t trade being me, oh no, not for all the penis pops (DAVE!) in the world. But I would barter away a chunk of self for a good long span of time spent riding on a Portuguese sailing-ship, the winds of circumstance forcing tears into my eyes, the warm, full sun seeping through my pores and down to my very bones. To sail, and to toil for day’s sustenance, to be, the knots determining themselves while I throw head back and laugh, full-throated and fine, into the snapping sails.

This is where I am now: Ready to trade away today with anticipation of tomorrow, be it one or a thousand of them. I won’t look behind the curtain…not just yet. Sometimes the jazz is in the not knowing absolutelyforsure, but simply in the low-rumbling of an anticipatory gut.

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  1. Gary 8.13.2003

    My mom used to get on to me for wishing it was Saturday. She told me I was wishing my life away. So I told her I wish it was last Saturday. She whipped my scrawny little ass…

  2. there are still mans that do nothing but sail the world, pledged to no country.

    i should think they are all very attractive too.

  3. jen 8.13.2003

    penis pops!!!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeedogggies!

    ride your waves, jetto!

  4. Angel 8.13.2003

    Hmmm… there are days when I wish I were watching someone else’s life, not mine and when I talk about it and people say things like, “You’re so positive.” when I am just two steps from crying. I just smile and pretend I feel the salt spray on my face, the sun in my eyes, the sand under my feet and the world spread out before me. What’s funny is, on any given day, I can have it. I didn’t trade anything for it this time and even now, that’s alright!

    Or, I understand… *grin*

  5. Jett 8.14.2003

    *deep, plaintive sigh*


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