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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 13, 2003 || 3:02 pm

The Second Annual Sexiest Female Blogger Contest!

I nominated my little melliloulou because she calls me ‘beffis’ and also because this move is sure to get me some tongue when she and I finally meet. I’m all about planning for the future, baby.

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  1. jen 8.13.2003

    i love a girl that plans ahead…

  2. Angel 8.13.2003

    plan ahead… plan ahead, what a good plan!

  3. cal 8.13.2003

    I’m gutted! Are there any consolation prizes? ;-)

  4. You need to call me and tell me all about the matter we discussed when I was sitting in the Chinese restaurant looking like an arrogant ass on my cell phone.

  5. can i nominate just your tongue?

  6. Jett 8.14.2003

    My tongue, Richard Dee, is indeed worthy of many honors being duly bestowed upon it.


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