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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 16, 2003 || 3:13 pm

(…because my own poetry is so wholly unsatisfying today, and because this one brings the noise, I’m reprinting one of redclay’s here. now.)

you can have all my stuff

people asking me how i can still love somebody.

how, after we stopped gettin nekkid, we can still talk.

they ain’t no off switch.

hell, i still got fishhooks in my heart from a girl in

second grade.

:: afternoon wait :: birmingham, 08.14.03

‘aftermoon wait’, birmingham, 14 august 2003

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  1. redclay 8.17.2003

    more pitchers.

  2. The Llama Bert 8.17.2003

    Ba dum bum. And also, I have a picture very similar, except with a puddle under it from the rain. Very neat. YA WANNA SEEE IT?

  3. Jett 8.17.2003

    What are you TALKING ABOUT?? There’s no rain in the desert, feebo.

  4. The Llama 8.17.2003

    You bastard, you’re online right now and only talk to me through comment. First here, then at the most entertaining blog of all time.

    If you want to check that out, link is posted below.

  5. Jett 8.17.2003

    Way to generate traffic, you self-aggrandizing bastard.

    You have learned well, my padawan

    and rc: more pitchers soon. ish.

  6. Jett 8.17.2003

    ‘Bastard’ seems to be the insult of the day.

    I hereby declare that no comment shall go without the word ‘bastard’ for at least the next twenty-four hours! To defy my rule is to be, ummm, deemed a Stale Muffinass!

  7. Jake 8.18.2003

    I love the picture!


  8. Leslie 8.18.2003

    Is that a pic taken in Southside. It looks like the brick streets and walks from there. I sure have had a lot of fun taking pics out there.

  9. sugarmama 8.18.2003

    It looks like a table outside of Starbucks in Southside. But I know you didn’t ask people to guess.

  10. Jett 8.18.2003

    BING! You goddit. There was just this paper there, all forlorn, and the shadows….they were all begging for a photo.


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