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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 17, 2003 || 11:15 pm

I think it is incredibly unfair to classify pie as a ‘want’ rather than a ‘need’, most especially when I am on my period. It should automatically, without question, slide from one column to the other the minute that menses commence and seat itself neatly back again when the whole bloody mess (PUN! HAHAHA!) ceases.

I think that most of the people over here are big, stupid gits. The reactions from them are just UNREASONABLE. For ham and hell (and fwicasseed wabbit), moral outrage is only effective when it is applied to something that MATTERS. (link found via the very cute Ryan)

What do clingwrap and Roy Orbison have in common? Not a damn thing, unless you’re completely farging insane. (link found via theDane)

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I have to go get my driver’s license renewed this week. BITCH! I’m thinking of maybe wearing white lipstick and piling all my hair into a side-ponytail. Because the eighties are hella coo again, you know. Seriously, I always manage to take a surlyface photo; I will attempt this go-round to remedy that. TRY-TRY-TRYYYYY!

The song ‘Kitty‘ by the Presidents of the United States of America is wholly sassifying early Monday morning music. Wholly…although, ‘Blank Baby‘ is rapidly gaining ground as my theme song, arrrr matey.

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  1. Sean 8.18.2003

    appypollyloggies for my lack of a pictorial contribution to the blogathon. I’m back though.

    I hope new wave doesn’t come back… Some people just shouldn’t wear spandex.

  2. i think you’d look hella tight in a side pony.

  3. 8Patti-) 8.18.2003

    (i’m in cognito – did you recognize me?)

    So, it was once discussed amongst us here in this broke-ass house, way back upon the whole “y2k” thing – if it all went to hell at midnight, and we were plunged into cold darkness and lacking food, would we eat our pets? Yes. It’s called “natural selection” and people have been raising animals to eat them ever since 4-H started up.

    Now of course there’s that whole little thing about ‘oh, but they are your pets! how could you do that??’ With a little Emeril Essence and a fork, but also with the firm knowledge that if they were hungry, and we were laying there dead, they’d eat us without a second thought about it – and no fork.

  4. Gary 8.18.2003

    Pie consists of:

    1. Flower- Vegetable

    2. Filling- Fruit

    3. Shortening- Vegetable product

    4. Sugar- Also vegetable

    Looks to me like pie is basically a vegetable and should be treated as such. You need six servings of veggies as day. Bon Apetit.

  5. Jett 8.18.2003

    Holy cow, how I love my readers.

    Where else can you see the phrase ‘hella tight’, an anti-stupid people rant, and a justification for eating pie all day long?

    WHERE, I ask you, BUT IN *MY* COMMENTS? No fork, indeed.

  6. John 8.18.2003

    Ah, the wonderful world of livejournal.

    If the guy really cared for his pet, he would of served it up with a nice Chianti and some pie.

    It reminds me of a joke. I’m also reminded of the words of Larry Hagman just before he passed away.

    “When I die, I want my friends to eat me. I want to be fed through a wood chipper, be spread over a wheat field, then have a cake baked from the crop for all my pals to munch on. I want to return to the earth as soon as possible. I want the cake to be made of half marijuana, which makes people so much less violent than booze, and people should learn to eat pot rather than smoke it because it damages the heart and lungs less that way. It’s high time someone my age talked this way.”

  7. Ryan 8.18.2003

    Thank you for the compliment. The feeling is definitely mutual! =)

  8. Johnny T 8.18.2003

    I really enjoyed the bunny link.

  9. Ezrael 8.19.2003

    Uhm, John…when did Larry Hagman die? Was it recently?

  10. Leslie 8.19.2003


  11. Bob 8.19.2003

    Your Period!!!!!!……..that’s the closest I have been to your lady regions in LLLOOOOONNNNGGGG time.;)

  12. John 8.19.2003

    Ooops! Yeah, he’s still around. Yikes. My bad.

  13. Jett 8.19.2003

    PLEASE…we all know that the zombies ate Larry Hagman’s brains just after “I Dream Of Jeannie” closed its run.

    That in mind, he’s technically been dead for years and is simply not wise enough to lie down.

  14. Jett 8.19.2003

    Bob, you sick fuck, I love you.

  15. Jett 8.19.2003

    Johnny, I knew you would, you cutie you.


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