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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 19, 2003 || 8:40 pm

I’m making a cheeky face at you. Right now. It’s a really good one, too.

Too bad you canna see it, since I’ve not offloaded the new photos from the camera yet. I’ll get right on that. Sadly, however, my faces canna be duperlicatiated. They are –like great art– one-of-a-kinds. Though if you hang around long enough there will be another one coming down the pike eventurly.

Remember me telling you about the precious ChristoCarto making a movie with my boyfriend Norman down on the Gulf Coast? The movie was called ‘Grift’ but seems to have been changed to the very stupid-sounding ‘Tough Luck‘ (retch…what are they doing to yooou, Normie?). As promised a million-and-one moons ago, Superior Industries, in keeping with a proud tradition of satisfying the needs of our sweet Muffinasses (and the random, flighty webwanderer to boot!), hereby presents you with a photo of m’boy Christo and m(mmmmm)’boyfriend Norman in full makeup on the very sexy carnival set, complete with a backdrop of the coast’s beautiful twilight skyline:

Notice the moony look in my Norman’s eyes. It is chemically-induced, yes, but they are chemicals of the thinking-randily-of-m’JettGrrrl variety. He is OBVIOUSLY pondering salaciously my undying passion for him, dwelling on the fact that I will be overwhelmed with lust at the sight of the pseudo-scarcutthing on his left cheek. And is it just me, or can you just catch a very teasy hint of the junk lines lurking below the t-shirt? My boyfriend Norman is so low-key sexy like that. You people should take a lesson, even you girls. Aspire to be as Normanlike as you can possibly be!

I can’t in good conscience end this entry without telling you the joke that ChristoCarto shared with me this week:

There was this really well-to-do fella driving home one afternoon in rush-hour traffic. Things were moving fairly slowly, and he noticed a man on the side of the road pulling up fistfuls of grass and eating them. The guy was pretty lean and hungry-looking, so well-to-do fella pulled over and said, “Sir, sir! You shouldn’t be eating that grass; it’s got road sludge and oil and who knows what all seeped into it! It’s so bad for you. Why don’t you come home with me and we’ll fill your belly.”

The man on the side of the road was noticably touched but distraught at the offer: “Well, I have a wife and kids, they’re hungry too….”

“Hey, no problem, they can come too!” said well-to-do.

The unfortunate man hesitated and then spoke again hopefully, “I have parents and brothers and sisters, they’re hungry as well.”

This pissed well-to-do off. Indignant, he said, “Look, sir, just how much grass do you think I have on my lawn??”

By the way, before I forget, ChristoCarto said that Armand Assante was really kind of assholey on-set. He obviously knows not whom he dealeth with. Knows not the friends in strange, deluded high places that young master Carto posesses. Knows not the power that this weblog just may wield in crushing his puny, forgettable (okay, there was that Mambo Kings thing, but still, you’re no Desi Arnaz, Jr.) career. You better check yourself, Assante, and next time clink a beery-beer with m’boy Carto. You been warned: Don’t unleash the madness and the fury, tater!

The rest of you: You have a good’un. And oh yeah, Cesaria Evora. Do it. You shan’t be sorry.

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  1. jillzilla 8.20.2003

    actually, I heard the well-to-do fella was George Bush in his limo, talking to a family of mexican immigrants..i think its funnier that way.

  2. jillzilla 8.20.2003

    funnier…in a creepy sort of way

  3. Jett 8.21.2003

    JILL! It was you! YOU were the mystery sponsor…thank you so much!


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