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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 20, 2003 || 7:26 pm

“Guess what?” Maxim whispers excitedly, eyebrows raised.

“What?” Jett ask-es, curious.

The Spin Doctors are back together.” he says in a tone of awe-filled glee.

Jett pats around on Maxim’s crotch a wee bit.

“However on Earth are you able to contain your erection?”

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  1. Dean 8.20.2003

    So THAT’s how I get a hottie to pat around my crotch!

  2. Keith 8.21.2003

    For a limited time only, your muffinass membership includes creative new pickup lines, Dean.

    *Keith imagines some superior muffinass strutting up to a beautiful girl, then whispering into her ear something he picked up from All Blogged Up…*

    “Psst, guess what? The Spin Doctors are back together.” (with a wink)

    Instant lay, I’m sure. :)

  3. sugarmama 8.21.2003

    Were you checking to see if he had a pocket full of kryptonite? Har har.

  4. Jett 8.21.2003

    GOOD ONE, sugar.

    …and Keith, you have struck upon a vein of truly great Muffinassedness….Muffinasses should have a credo, and a sort of membership benefits package.

    I SAID ‘PACKAGE’…heh-heh, heh.

    Dean, if the word ‘crotch’ is used twice with regard to one entry, I think that they cancel one another out. WAY TO GO.


    Once again, you people are so strange for coming here to read this craaaap. But I DO heart you.

  5. Anonymous 8.21.2003

    …ahem. ‘Muffinassed Inspiration’ is what I meant?

    ‘Inspired Muffinassery’?

  6. melly 8.21.2003

    I’m asleep.

  7. melly 8.21.2003

    I was asleep long before I even got here.

  8. melly 8.21.2003

    And I’m gonna keep on being Asleep.

  9. roderickm 8.21.2003

    The intro to ‘Refrigerator Car’ still makes me smile, every time.

  10. Joe 8.22.2003

    Funny Shit Bubba! Now only if the Beatles can do the same. Paul, RIngo, Jullian Lennon, and Harrison Ford.


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