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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 23, 2003 || 2:15 pm

Best line all damned day:

“I didn’t realize Canada was a utopian paradise where everyone lives in peace and bliss, and one need not even lock one’s doors, ever! And they just don’t get Americans, because apparently all we want to do is kick everyone’s ass and call it a day.”
(scored by way of the deliciously irreverent Geoffrey)

And if I waved the whooshing wand of wordsmithy over political-type things on this here weblog, I’d want the resultant magic to be as fine and wonderful a product as this here.

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  1. Geoffrey 8.24.2003

    I can’t tell if I was just insulted.

  2. Jett 8.25.2003

    Geoff dahlingk, I wasn’t shaking my finger. I shake my finger when lobbing insults.


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