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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 23, 2003 || 3:17 pm

Quite alarmingly, I have been very ’snacky’ today. Poofy Cheeto, anyone?

What are food scientists called, again? Petroleum engineers?

Whatever; those fuckers need to get to work on a low-carb poofy Cheeto, and STAT. <–see that? Already putting the heady medical terminology to good use. You people are so lucky to have me.

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  1. cal 8.23.2003

    micro-biologists. ;)

  2. ‘Stat’ is the best call in years. I too have been saying it for a while now: whenever you say it in a position of authority people react as if you have more skills and knowhow than you actually do… ’start sweeping that floor stat!’ for example. Let’s keep this one quiet though, lest anyone else hears our triksy tricks.

  3. Jett 8.27.2003

    Indeedy, DeeMick. Yethindeedy.


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