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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 24, 2003 || 9:23 pm

The now (sadly enough) defunct 5 Points South Music Hall, may she rest in peace.
:: 5 points south music hall, birmingham, 14 august 2003 ::

Oddly enough, when I was roaming around Birmingham (specifically, the Five Points South area) last week shooting photos I was pulled up short by hearing a guy on a sidewalk say, “Mmphy mumblegarble gokgok whonum on my blog sommina itzo.” It was odd, because I have never, ever in my three year’s-worth of scribbling in this here weblog, heard one mentioned by a stranger in conversation.

“Pardon me,” I said whilst approaching him, “did you say blog??”

Turns out he did, and upon asking for his URL I found out that he is hosted on ChattaBlogs, which is run by Josiah, who –in a weirdly ironic twist– had linked yours truly not one week before.

As a completely unrelated aside, Josiah appears to be both a Daniel Lanois and a Dashboard Confessional fan, making him all the more spectacular.

It’s spooky sometimes, the way the world keeps getting smaller and smaller.

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  1. April Love 8.24.2003

    Dashboard Confessional makes me ever so happy…almost giddy even.

  2. redclay 8.24.2003

    dashboard confessional, i don’t mind.

    mostly it makes me want to listen to You Am I, tho.

    Daniel Lanois, now.

    funny, cause i’m listening to him right this very.

    the new one. “i love you”.

  3. Joe 8.25.2003

    It’s that whole six degrees of Kevin Bacon thing. Stuff like that happens often at work, just because the immense amount of people I deal with every day as well as work with. A guy came up to me not long ago (after talking with a co-associate) and asked me if I knew blah blah from blah blah Nebraska. Well, yes I went to school with blah blah (didn’t say I couldn’t stand blah blah). I haven’t seen blah blah in 20 years and hope not to see blah blah ever again. I’m rambling again, aren’t I?

  4. John 8.25.2003

    For some reason Dashboard Confessional makes me think about that Meatloaf song and Meatloaf makes me think of Fight Club and Fight Club makes me think about rules, which I recently saw here.

  5. Jett 8.25.2003

    There were rules? I posted rules??


    And redclay…yeah, what Chris is doing is not exTREMEly original, just flounced up in a purtier package.


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