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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 24, 2003 || 10:37 pm

Holy Sweet Mother of Shiny Pete: Leslie the Great went to a so-called ‘Women’s Expo’ this weekend.

I don’t know what got into the poor girl, but I for one would much rather die a slow, gobbling death by choking on my diaphragm than attend such an hideous estrofest. I gotta get down there to Tejas and see that girl. They’re messing up a perfectly good female somehow.

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  1. Sean 8.25.2003

    is it a bad thing if the first things I saw were the ever so faint reflections of two delicious and refreshing bottles of corona?

  2. Leslie 8.25.2003

    HEY! I got a bunch of free shit! If they were having a lepracy expo and had free shit there, Arnold fuckingScharzenegger wouldn’t be able to keep me away.

  3. sugarmama 8.25.2003

    I suffered through that a month ago. It was called “a baby shower”.

  4. Gary 8.25.2003

    I always thought a women’s expo would have something to do with women “expo”sing themselves. I went to several of them before I fugured out I was wrong but by then it was too late, I had started ovulating…

  5. Johnny T 8.25.2003

    Jett, I think you would recant that statement if you really thought about how horrible it would be to choke on your diaphragm. Think about it.

  6. Jett 8.25.2003

    Dear Johnnaaay,

    I stand by my first assessment, even after pondering the horrible nature of asphyxiating on my ‘love cushion’.

    Just so you know,


  7. Jett 8.25.2003

    Mac: what you are seeing are the huge Corona signs attached to the front of the stage barrier.

    *sigh* I spent many a night hugged up against those same barriers, watching some fiiiiine musicians extract the wailings and gnashings from their souls.

    Drawnk, very drawnk.

    Those barriers supported me while I supported the bands and the Rolling Rock Corporation. Viva la Five P(o)ints!

    Leslie: feh. Don’t matter. You sold your soul for less-than-cost shampoo.

    Gary: I knew we’d expose the ‘real you’ if you came around long enough.

    sugarmama: baby showers, at least, have the redeeming quality of serving bakery cake and sometimes having minty green theme colors. Plus, the number of other females is limited. A convention center full of harpies? NAY! NAY, I SAY!


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