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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 1, 2003 || 9:52 pm

Smells like weblog:

[this post dedicated lovingly to wastrel, my (oh-how-I-wish-I-were-fortunate-enough-to-have-a) Scottish boyfriend, who has not updated his site in some time (and has now departed Coolio's) due to procuring a 'real' job]

Adam Wade is the fucking coolest (he is very, very exuberant AND he managed to diss a snotty-acting Tim Robbins a couple weeks ago…Tim must be a friend of Armand Assante. I am sort of miffed at my Jodi; She could have TOLD me there was an Adam Wade). Adam knows the very real pleasures of a good day’s work and free food scored at same. Link him now, for he is bursting with Bloggy Wade Goodness and never fails to make me smile when I visit!

Funny, but going straight to hay-ull!! …and this is what I get for searching the term ‘grab bag’ on eBay. I think everyone’s Christmas gifts will somehow incorporate FeTo beads this year. I went excitedly to MetaFilter to slap these two up, but disappointingly enough, the mefites had already beat me to them. Once again, defeated by snotty interweb elitists with waaaaay too much time on their hands the mighty!

Neat project. Rather than having me bore and/or confuse you with my description of it, whyn’tcha go on over and try it? I got one really smashing result:

the beautiful trouble forever

the laddie night

lugger fall

or tenuous

lies the ordinary heather

saviours lost darkness through you

Best quote of the week:

To expect Muslims to speak against a vocal (and frequently exploding) minority is absurd.

(read that thread….it blew me away)

I love Christopher Walken, but I loves me some stick people, as well.

The best thing EVER to come out of the whole Judge Roy Moore debacle. Note to the rest of the country: We Hellabamians are truly sorry that so much bandwidth, newsprint and airtime have been sucked into the vortex of this mess. We’ll get right on that.

The LJ Times updates every half-hour, substituting snippets from LiveJournallers’ posts for Washington Post headlines. Sometimes riotous, and sometimes it reads like ‘real’ news.

Is that music ‘RIAA safe’? Find out before you download.

I got googled a couple days ago for ‘anonymous penis‘. Please note, darling Muffinasses, who ranks number one on the returned results: Now I can die a well-rounded woman (and, for the record, I blame all this penis-ness on Patti).

Spent a good chunk of today listening to Whole Wheat Radio courtesy of this post by Phil Ringnalda. Spent a couple hours throwing precious time away (a testament to the utter cool-beyond-measure factor of that community) chatting with the good folks over there and collecting Wheat Berries (you just have to experience it, really). I have over four-and-a-half million Wheat Berries now….PH34R.

Speaking of ph34ring and all that shit, A Prince Among Geeks and Some Girl Stuffed Into Cardboard had the treat of a long weekend for their birthdays….Happy Boidday, guys! I love both of you very much!

And, speaking of love, I’d like to offer up the following for my eedle pal Clayton and his new bride, Erin Lynn:

If I could take you

Even no further than into my arms

You would be where you belong.

To possess you for even so short a time

and, with your arms around me, to be possessed

Two helpless pawns, controlled

by the fire and sweet gravity of desire

Holding you

I would chase and catch the lights that burn in your eyes

Until for just a moment they shine brightly, just for me

And then, sweetly smoldering, your curtains close

Leaving me to dream

Knowing even the sweetest dream could not compare

~R. Bankard, ‘Response’

May the two of you always know passion; God bless.

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  1. Patti 9.2.2003

    I cannot and will not assume responsibility for your google/penis issues.

    penis penis penis. PENIS. pEnIs.


  2. He who is called Llama 9.2.2003


  3. John 9.2.2003

    I decided to nix the multi-paragraph rant on the LGF thread. When a certain number of posters start talking about genocide as a realistic option, I would say it’s time to pull your site down.


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