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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 3, 2003 || 2:03 pm

Okay, I know I’ve been very quotey as of late, and I promise some real, real content real, real soon, but I could not let the day go by without sharing this with you, you gorgeous readery-type people you:

fuckee acknowledges receipt of the warning regarding the ridiculous length of fucker’s abstinence from fucking, and is aware that fucker has been involved in a rather fanatical fitness program during the long long dry spell and understands fully that the fucker was a freak to begin with and now is a freak with a dangerous combination of frustration, strength, and stamina.

And that’s a mere snippet of ‘Don’t be afraid, my lawyer says this is just a formality.’ You should go and read the rest, especially if you need to spew coffee/soda/tequila on the monitor.


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  1. sugarmama 9.3.2003

    i think someone has tried to prove (possibly successfully) that regular exercise increase the sex drive. which begs the question, why are so many people couch potatoes, then?

  2. Jett 9.3.2003

    ‘mama: mebbe they don’t like the sexual frustration of not being able to get laid once they ARE fit?

  3. lizard 9.3.2003

    that’s where everybody’s coming from! sigh. nobody’s offered me any sex though.

    and yes exercise increases the sex drive. (look about two posts before that one, i describe rather vividly, um, i … jeez, i’m blushing.) and yes i’m frustrated. and it’s ok, it’s gonna be really good if i mean when i get it. it is. really.

  4. Stevie 9.3.2003

    Hiya, Jett! I’m sorry it took so long to answer you, but my stupid computer died…right after the cat. (sigh) You had wanted my email address…so, in case it doesn’t show up up there, it’s srv200163 at yahoo dot com.

    I haven’t looked at the site meter yet (scared to after this long), but I hope I didn’t lose that Marine for good.

    (By the way…thank you for still being here. Yeah, I was worried about that and I did miss ya!)

  5. Gary 9.4.2003

    This is so true and I say it from personal experience. Over the course of six months last year I dropped 51 pounds of body fat and gained 9.5 pounds of muscle and it totally changed my life both day to day and sexually. What I did notice was women really did repond to me differently (which made my wife more than a bit uncomfortable). In bed Debbie would rub my muscles, and I mean ALL my muscles, and it really turned her on even more than usual. I didn’t know she even liked muscles since I didn’t have any when we got married but she did love the new look. Before I did the program I would cum fast and breathe hard now I just do it fast and hard.

    I did the Body For Life program and peopel it works. Anyone wanting to get fit should buy the book and hit the weights. If you do that plan and still can’t get laid you might have a personality defect that needs to be checked out. See Bodyforlife.com. Sorry to take Jett’s space for the editorial (advertisement) but once you start pumping iron you can pump anything else so much better.

  6. sugarmama 9.4.2003

    i like to exercise a lot and i am picky about who i date, so i know firsthand about frustration. i still think it’s worth it to look and feel good even in dry spells. when i do find someone worth dating… HELLYEAH, BABY! a lucky man indeed.

  7. Jett 9.4.2003

    Awww, look at my sweet little horndogs! You make mama so very PROUD.

  8. John 9.7.2003

    Well, someone will have to take up the slack in quoteyness until I feel like weblogging again. ;)

    Quotation. Something that somebody said that seemed to make sense at the time.

    -Leonard Levinson, The Left Handed Dictionary.

  9. BaldFatGuy 9.7.2003

    Umm, chocolate.


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