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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 4, 2003 || 9:04 pm

Nothing else on earth quite turns a ho-hum day around like having your Big Gay Best Friend call and sing cabaret songs to you over the (long, sooo long) miles.

Having a Big Gay Best Friend is culturally enlightening, as well. Where else would I hear the term ‘booty flu’? WHERE, I ask you??

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  1. cal 9.4.2003

    can i be your big lesbian best friend? ;-)

  2. Joe 9.5.2003

    Booty flu! Yikes!! Like the regular flu wasn’t enough. I don’t even want to know what the symptoms are.

  3. Kingolf 9.5.2003

    I’ve noticed that despite a seven hours time difference, I’m always online at the same time as my muffinistress.

    What the feces?

  4. Kingolf 9.5.2003

    No wait, it was 10:04 and not 04:29.

    Dammit. Mystery solved.

  5. Gary 9.5.2003

    My best gay buddy doesn’t call me and sing to me. He calls and reads to me. After 30+ years of freindship, including his coming out period, we have a totally cool bond based on the fact that we can finish each other’s sentences correctly. He knows I don’t have the extra time to read very much non-work related stuff. Thus when he reads a passage in a book he just knows I have to hear he calls. My wife has long-since learned about the true nature of our friendship. Early on in our dating she asked me if he had ever come on to me. I explained that either he didn’t find me attractive or was playing incredibly hard to get since we had run together for 10 years by then. Without him I would be only semi-literate on many subjects and would have a hole in my life a mile wide.

  6. Kingolf 9.5.2003

    Yes. We gay people rock.

    Praise us, oh thou vastly inferior breeders.

  7. Jett 9.7.2003

    cal baby, some things go without saying

  8. Sher 9.13.2003

    Hey gorgeous. Would you say hello to Mikey for me? I’m missing him loads these days. Keep a couple of hugs for yourself.

    It’s funny… I wouldn’t have known where to find you, had you not visited WWdN. Amazing how small Cyberville truly is.


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