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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 6, 2003 || 9:13 pm

It is abundantly clear to me, two days after having been gifted with the ‘Instalanche‘, why Glenn Reynolds has the designation of ‘Tall Dog’ (as Acidman lovingly refers to him).

Exhibit A, my e-mail to Mister Reynolds:

From: Jett Superior

Subject: [All blogged up and nowhere to go.]

Date: Thurs, 04 Sep 2003

To: Glenn Reynolds

Mister Reynolds,

Holy shit.

I’m tempted to type ‘that is all’ and leave this correspondence at that (as my momma always said that brevity is best in all matters except for sex and paychecks), but I’ve got to lay the tried-and-true line you’ve heard before on you:

I’ve had more hits in the last ten minutes than in one whole day. ‘Instalanche’ (as sayeth the very fine ‘sugarmama‘), indeedy. INdeedy.

Thanks for my five seconds in the spotlight,
~Elizabeth, boldly pos(t)ing as Jett Superior for the benefit of the unwarshed Cyberian masses.

Exhibit B, his reply:

From: Glenn Reynolds

Subject: Re: [All blogged up and nowhere to go.]

Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003

To: Jett Superior

Hope you got some quality long-term readers out of it!

Like I told Liz (who was ‘Instalanched’ in the same post as me): “And I say, ‘BULLY, OLE FELLA, THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT.’” Mister Reynolds has a ‘Tall Dog’ designation, in part, due to his gentlemanly tendencies.

I need to thank sugarmama as well; I don’t think he’d've ever found me if she hadn’t written haiku (very touching and flattering haiku, I might add) about me earlier in the week.

While in the general neighborhood of being on the subject,
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the phone call between theDane and me this morning:

TheDANE: I cannot believe that you are waking me up at this hour. [ed. note: it was eight ay emm Pacific]

JETT: Dude, I cannot believe that you are waking up at this hour! I figured for sure I’d get the voice mail and leave a message.

MUFFLED GROAN-CHUCKLING FROM TheDANE [ed. note: the groan-chuckling thing sort of skeert me.]

JETT: I got your voice mail and hell, I figured you were calling me to fuss about the bandwidth, so I was gonna let you know what happened. [ed. note: he was, in all actuality, calling to change one of his song picks; how OCD is that??]


TheDANE: Oh no; you are allowed thirteen readers a day. Thirteen!

So, you know, some of you just may have to leave and stuff. I want to make this very clear, however:

All of you Navy boys (I noticed that there are a few of ya) that have been directed here from Glenn’s site? You may stay. I’ll run off some of the regulars, if you’ll only tell me how many of you there are.

Hell, they’ve all got hot buttons. I could do it. I coud so do it. Burning bridges is a specialty of mine.

Or hey, as an alternative (for the ones I especially like): I have all their phone numbers; I could just call and read my entries to them. They wouldn’t mind, really. Really they wouldn’t.

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  1. instawhatdit.com?

    how does that site get half a million hits a week?

    a pox!

  2. Sean McEntee 9.7.2003

    ouch… And I was just about to request you to do a USO tour too…

  3. sugarmamablog 9.7.2003

    A few of my haiku’ed got instalanched this week. Share the love, I say!

  4. The Dane 9.7.2003

    OCD my butt! You woke me at 8:oo?!? It’s a good thing the clock by my bed is all screwed up and so I thought it was 11:oo! I woulda been doubly pist and done something rash like … well, like I dunno. But it woulda been a bad scene. Like your dead grandmother crawling up your leg with a knife in her teeth.

  5. Jett 9.7.2003

    Which dead grammy, Dane?

    Because, you know, the resultant horror depends on whether or not it’d be the maternal one or the paternal one.

  6. the reader formerly known as delmer skeets mcgee 9.7.2003

    so does that mean if you don’t have our phone number(s) we shouldn’t consider ourselves “especially” liked???

  7. The Dane 9.7.2003

    Oh definitely the dad’s mom. Without doubt.

  8. The Dane 9.7.2003

    By the way, I may have buttons (cute, shiny red ones), but I do not have—nor have I ever had—bridges, so choke on that one for awhile Little-Miss-I’m-So-Cool-And-Southish.

  9. Jett 9.7.2003

    DELMER! You’re still here? You never comment anymore.

    Of COURSE you’re especially liked, and as one of the Six Original Muffinasses, you’d have immunity.

    Unless, of course, there were more than seven sailors. Then you six would have to draw straws. As my legal advisor, howe’er, I’m betting that you could find a way around getting the short one.

    theDane: no bridges? how then do you cross the roiling waters?

    ahhh, yes, I forget: you walk upon them.

    DAMN STRAIGHT I’m cool and Southish, thus my strange lobsteresque quality.

    the paternal one, ahhhh yes: quite effective.

    Mac: get in line. >:o)

  10. legal advisor 9.7.2003

    I never left. I have been busy, overworked, wayyy underpaid. The fact that I have also been on a sub dial-up connection has also affected my web presence.

    I have posted a couple of times under various nom de plumes. I made some major changes in my life and the handle didn’t fit anymore than the name “rubberman”.

    (hey and howdy to driver8 if you are still about)

    I am all for drawing straws, as long as if i lose you will personally write out every entry and snail mail it to me on really cool writing paper and customized envelopes.

  11. John 9.8.2003

    Does this mean I can’t make fun of Glen “NYT chawed my scrot” Reynolds? And I can’t laugh that he thinks linking to stories other people write is journalism?

    Minor quibbles, surely. His ability to generate traffic is unmatched in the blah-blah-blah-oh-sphere.

  12. Jett 9.10.2003

    See thread previous as to my beliefs on freedom o’ speakin’; however, I know naught of Mister Reynolds and will proceed to form an opinion for myself, as I (LOVINGLY!) did with you and every other jackass I call my own.


  13. lizard 9.10.2003

    first there was the instalanche and then acidman (who generates a bit o’ bandwidth himself) picked it up and then and then … it’s been soooo nuts. but aside from one person named bubba who inquired after my phone number in a comment, i got zero i repeat not one brave soul came forward to make me an indecent proposition.

    sigh. d’you suppose maybe i laid it on a little thick?

  14. Jett 9.10.2003

    I think that were you within fifty miles, I’d pay to see it, is all.

    But that’s just me; we’re kinda cut from the same cloth. >:o)

  15. John 9.11.2003

    I’m just teasing, as you probably know.


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