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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 10, 2003 || 11:59 am

Deep down inside we all want to be _________. (One answer per person, please.)

…open-ended statement cribbed from Johnny T’s entry t’other day; might I add that I think it is a very good one?

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  1. Gary 9.10.2003


  2. Patti 9.10.2003


  3. Dean 9.10.2003


  4. fatima 9.10.2003

    Christina Aguilera ;P

  5. Sean 9.10.2003


  6. Entrebat 9.10.2003

    more understanding and open with people.

  7. lizard 9.10.2003

    naked and famous? no that’s two. um.

    ok, loved.

  8. valuable

  9. Chubby Momma 9.10.2003


    Sorry Dean

  10. Joe 9.10.2003


  11. brynne 9.10.2003

    nekkid of course.

  12. Jennifer 9.10.2003


    And not “I rode the short bus” special*, either.

    * No offense to anyone who RODE the short bus, my best friend included, but you know the sort I mean. ;)

    Yeah, THAT was a one-word response. I’m such a dork.

  13. Tina 9.10.2003


    (I’ll leave you to ponder that one. ;D)

  14. gjoe 9.10.2003

    dirty filthy stinking embarassingly rich.

  15. red clay 9.10.2003


    just like everbody else i know.

  16. guy 9.10.2003


  17. Jenna 9.11.2003


  18. Stevie 9.11.2003

    (Aha..it is one answer per person…not one word.)

    Left alone by idiots, terrorists and the government.

    Why does that strike me as redundancy doubled?

  19. The Hero, Villain, Screaming half-naked girl, and Comedic-Relief Side-Kick… all at once.

  20. Leslie 9.11.2003

    beautiful, inside and out.

  21. fucko 9.11.2003

    understood…and loved in spite of it.

  22. Suzanne 9.11.2003


  23. Kandy 9.12.2003


  24. Habegger 9.12.2003

    full of beer and sausages.

  25. amy 9.12.2003

    I think fucko has it right. Yeah, what he said.

  26. Kingolf 9.13.2003

    We all want something different.

    And not many wants just one thing through life.

    Besides, if everybody wanted ONE (1) thing, everybody would know what it was. You wouldn’t need to ask.

  27. cal 9.14.2003

    Muffinass #1!

  28. April Love 9.17.2003



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