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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 14, 2003 || 5:23 pm

My interweb’s broke (AmyBeth has been kind enough to loan me hers for half an hour or so). The cocksucking douche-eaters folks at the cable company say that it’ll be the end of the week before they’ll have someone out.

And that was after I yelled. It was something along the lines of two weeks before I raised my voice. I’ll be ‘adjusting’ my check to them this month. That, and I’ll hock a looger on it before I slip it into the envelope.

Since I’ve not the time nor the inclination to visit the humble abodes of others to make this whole weblog thing happen until next weekend, I’ve invited a couple hapless souls to come keep you company. Both are pretty good when you can keep them off the sauce; they are, however, even better if you can keep them on it. Therefore, I’m paying one of them in champagne and one in merlot. See if you can guess who requires what, dear Muffinasses.

I bid you a lovely week, and give the guestwriters some love in the comments. It shouldn’t be too hard; both are quite faboo.

Their are others (fucko? Dirk?) that still have posting priveleges from long ago; they may show up as well.

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  1. synonymous eponymous 9.15.2003

    you didn’t make a comment on the last post I made regarding ryden’s upcoming NY show; so maybe you aren’t into his work anymore. anyway, if you scroll down you will see that ridgway and wexstun are putting out a limited edition cd of the music they have created for his show….and the packaging was all designed by ryden.


  2. waistdog 9.15.2003

    In my little world, Nothin’ spells MELLY quite like Tequila and EverCLear.

    So, I can’t guess.


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