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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 21, 2003 || 1:59 am

I just attempted the ole audblog and failed miserably. Perhaps it was because I gleefully kept hitting buttons. Maybe it just takes a bit for it to show up. Maybe you will miss the Merlossa and Jettquila show, and what a shame: Melly actually peed while I was recording.

“OhmyGOD, melly, you’re actually peeing! I thought you were fucking kidding, man.

“And oh yeah, happy birthday, Daniel. And many mooooore.”

The liquor had nothing to do with it. Nothing, you hear me??

And look, little melliloulou and I are once again slogging through all the bits and pieces of information the world has to offer up in order to bring you gems like this one:

MELLY: So I was drinking Crown Royale

JETT: Waiddaminut….Crown Royale? You mean Crown Royal?

MELLY: Gimme a fucking break, Beth, I’m from Texas.

JETT: ‘Cause, you know, Crown Royale sounds like a drunken wrasslin’ match.

And then somebody said something about whiskey dick and somebody else said “AHA! CROWN ROYALE: A drunken wrasslin’ match with your dick to keep it up!”

These are the things high-class ladies talk about. No, really.*

*Tomorrow melly may yell about me posting all this, but I should remind her of her parting words: “Ahhhh, post whatever you want; I don’t give a fuck.”

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  1. Patti 9.21.2003

    You see, I can’t read this stuff when I’m ’sposed to be sitting here quietly sipping coffee on a sunday morning… ’cause then I bust out laughing and he’s laying in there saying, “shut up. shut up. I’m trying to sleep in here, dammit.”

  2. MaC 9.21.2003

    And just when I thought I had everything figured out…

    You know I actually had to look at the box still on my desk to check the spelling…

  3. what a rebel

  4. Jett 9.21.2003


  5. melly 9.21.2003

    I can’t believe you tortured me by making me listen to my own accent.

    Also, I am going to be in a big trouble for the whiskey dick thing. Hopefully he’ll talk to me and I will be able to explain how our discussion of it only served to make him appear manlier than ever.

    Because it’s true you know. I still can’t believe he said that. Must have been the fatigue.

    And his uncontrollable habit of thinking of his dick immediately after any thought of me.

    Okay, I’ll go now.

    P.S. That was some incredible sausage. I’d recommend it, but then I’d have to kill you.

  6. John 9.22.2003

    I am amazed in all sorts of good ways.

  7. Jett 9.23.2003

    Only because you got to see my panties stuck to my monitor, admit it.

  8. Thanks Jett. Much appreciated. You can’t believe how cool it is that Jett Superior has recognised my birthday, and therefore my entrance into manhood.

  9. Jett 9.24.2003

    Dan-I-Ell: here is where I zip my lips in order to NOT say something patently, ahem, riddled with impropriety….

    You hot little slip of newly-minted man, you.

  10. And you just know that I was setting it that one up for ya. Thanks for the commendations Ms. J.


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