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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 22, 2003 || 5:10 am

Screw mornings. Screw them all to hell and back. All hours after four ay emm and prior to eleven ay emm should be eradicated, save for Sundays. Yes, on Sundays we could re-instate ten ay emm because Sundays are the days that the elusive animal known as ‘brunch’ appears.

Brunch is a beautiful thing, baby.

It’s raining; it’s a gorgeous, leisurely rain and that is the only thing, I think, that could have turned my foul waking mood on its ear. I have the window open, breathing in the magical rain-smell and hearing the drops fall fat on the newly-laid carpet of leaves outside in the dark. Though I canna see them for lack of daybreak, I know that the rain makes the fiery crimson leaves the dark scarlet color of passion. Knowing this somehow makes the day easier to face.

It’s the little comforts, you know?

pee ess: plus, I smell like coconut-lime verbena…life is too short to not smell as lovely as possible at every imaginable turn.

pee-pee ess (or pee ess-ess, whatever): you have yourselves a lovely day! meet the week with a fierce face and singing heart!

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  1. Dean 9.22.2003

    Sunday Brunch is my most favoritest meal – eggs sardou and mimosas followed by several spicy bloodies and football on TV in a cozy neighborhood bar – definition of a perfect day.

    I wish everyday was Sunday….

  2. cal 9.22.2003

    oh yes. brunch. best invention ever. and that’d be pee-pee-ess honey… post scriptum – post post scriptum. ;-)

  3. Johnny T 9.22.2003

    Brunch, it isn’t breakfast, it isn’t lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantelope.

  4. Jett 9.22.2003

    And byGod, nothing trumps cantelouple.

    Well, except for tequila, but I digress: time and a place.

  5. John 9.22.2003

    I am not a morning person, but I like breakfast food. My uncle says, “real men don’t eat quiche.” I say, “real men eat whatever the heck they want, including all varieties of oysters.”

  6. Gary 9.22.2003

    Brunch is a bad idea. It takes 2 good meals and squeezes them into one.

  7. fucko 9.22.2003

    how’s that human corral coming?

  8. Jett 9.22.2003

    I’m working on that. Just gimme two minutes, will ya? KEY-RIST.

  9. Entrebat 9.22.2003


    Yes, brunch will do nicely. Screwdrivers and waffles. Mmm.

  10. Hans Dibbler 9.22.2003

    You should try honeydew, it’s the “money melon”.


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