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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 25, 2003 || 10:14 pm

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I Allus Wanted An Insurance Man With A Nickname That Is Synonymous With Slang For Female Genitalia

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(hint: click the image in order to better read the sign)

Gotta love you some Hellabama, folks.

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  1. yvonne 9.25.2003

    How I wish his last name was Queefer!!!!!!

  2. Joe 9.25.2003

    Queefer Sutherland? I saw him today in The Lost Boys. Jamie Gerts is just plain hot. I won’t mention her Cooter…

  3. Sean 9.26.2003

    I have to dig up a photo me and my friend took while I was on leave. Old warehouse with a large sign that said: “BJ Services”

  4. waistdog 9.26.2003

    Them southern people!

    You don’t see a lot of guys named Florence….either.

  5. Jett 9.26.2003

    Totally. If I were him, though, I’d capitalize on my birth name and advertise saying,


    But that’s just me. Not everyone can be so delicious.

  6. Gary 9.26.2003

    At one time there was a local drilling company called Long-Johnson Drillers. I always thought their signs should have read “Well Drilled by Long-Johnson.

  7. me and Al have photos of the big “BJs $2″ sign in Dannevirke.

    (yes there is a Danish town in the Horephenua)

  8. American light is so hot.

  9. sugarmama 9.29.2003

    Where tha’ Hellinbama is this?

    I don’t really have to know. I always wanted to say that.


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