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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 28, 2003 || 12:00 pm

Okay, granted, Mathias’ future as a portrait artist may be precarious, but I had to turn my head so my eyes could tear up when he showed me this picture he drew of the two of us.*

The thin patch of butch-cut hair I am sporting doesn’t make much sense, but the googly crazyeyes certainly do and I am unsure of what he seems to be pointing at. None of these factors triggered the well-up mechanism.

The fact that he depicts us with smiles roughly two miles past our heads did.

*It was originally rendered in ‘Gweem’, his most favorite color, but I had to darken it up a bit in order to catch the detail.

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  1. crazy girl 9.28.2003

    whoa… this looks SO much like something from artwork from my daughter’s early days that i thought you were digging through our boxes of memorabilia! i’d love to link to one of them i have on line to give you an example of some before and after, but i think i’ll maybe e-mail you something later instead if you’re interested! too cute… she is 15 now and does some really amazing stuff. love your blog – your writing is fabulous.

  2. Tina 9.28.2003

    Wow, that is so cool. Your son rocks!

    (In response to those Mega smiles, you must REALLY be doing something right.) :D

  3. i was just thinking, needs more gweem

  4. Sean 9.28.2003

    “I don’t feel the need to explain my art to you warren”

  5. waistdog 9.28.2003

    Great drawing!

    Kind of sad, that your son is in college.

    But still, a great drawing.

  6. jen 9.28.2003

    i love the googly eyes…i think i see real artistic potention here. and that one, is definitely a masterpiece!

    …is that a cell phone in your hand? lol

  7. bon amie 9.28.2003

    So I’m the only one who sees a giant smiling penis-headed googly-eyed menacing mother snake about to be vanquished by a Teminatoresque exoskeleton-enveloped son? Yeah, well, that’s why I don’t plan on having kids. Thank the lord for not “blessing” me, and say a little prayer for tel while you’re at it.

  8. sugarmama 9.29.2003

    That’s a classic. My mom framed our artwork when it was that good.

  9. I worked on a house in Greytown once. It was an old school converted into a mansion. In the kitchen, behind the glass splashback, we put all the kid’s artwork, stretching from one side of the room to tother.

    Pretty rad, 5 year olds’ drawings framing a $50,000 kitchen.

  10. trouble 9.29.2003

    genuinely, i first thought it was a portrait of christ on the tree. the fuzzy nature of the art seemed to represent the chaos of uncertainty that his followers must have experienced. i thought it brilliant. damned modern art!

  11. Joe 10.1.2003

    Kids fucking rock!


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