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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 29, 2003 || 9:55 am

Regrettably, I am a little hung over today.

Okay, more than a little. Thankfully, the morning is blessedly cool. Conversely, I am cursed: It’s one of those infernally bright fall days. The lab, blinds drawn, is mercifully dark, but coursework is torture. In short,

hangover + detailed lecture (verygraphic, WOO!) on marrow extraction via sternum = Jett painfully close to ‘herking’

…yeah, Davey, it were a loverly pah-tee.

Note to self: Once you start clinicals, ole girl, you cannot and must not host, attend, nor be anywhere in the near vicinity of ‘gatherings’ on school nights; I guess my auspicious Greek career will have to be waylaid.

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  1. waistdog 9.29.2003

    You were Sooooo close.

    The ONLY way to think about marrow extraction through the sternum, is while drunk.

    But, not hung over.

    You just missed it by a few hours.

  2. dave 9.29.2003

    i knew it.

  3. Sean 9.29.2003

    That’s why I keep the 800 mg IB-Profin (Sp?) tablets and a big bottle of gatorade in my fridge. I call it my hangover relief kit. It’s my best friend after one of the wise men kills off most of my brain cells.

  4. April Love 9.29.2003

    I’m still breathing…..Unfortunately, my mother has forgotten what my face looks like. We will get together soon!

  5. my friend’s cousin is an ambulance officer. He swears by his hangover remedy: a litre of saline solution direct intraveinously. Makes you feel better than ever in only half an hour. Super!

  6. Johnny T 9.30.2003

    I love marrow extraction

  7. Tina 9.30.2003

    One night I got severely FUBAR. The next day I had to go to the hospital because I couldn’t move without throwing up. Luckily for me it was off of rumplemints and I didn’t smell of liquor because that would have been an article in my PIF. I don’t drink hard liquor anymore. I don’t drink much at all anymore actually.


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