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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 30, 2003 || 1:57 pm

For those of you that enjoy language as much as I do, a brief but informative piece.

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  1. P. 9.30.2003

    I will be stealing this link now.


  2. guy 9.30.2003

    If you found that, I trust you found this  

  3. guy 9.30.2003
  4. MaC 9.30.2003

    “What, it doesn’t hurt anybody! Watch, Fuck, Fuck Fuckitty Fuck Fuck!”

    hmmm. is it just me or does the word fuckitty look really weird when it’s spelled out?

  5. The Dane 9.30.2003

    Alrighty. I officially peed my pants. And I wasn’t even wearing them.

  6. MaC 9.30.2003

    Although for pure offensiveness and all that is wrong, I love this:


  7. John 10.1.2003

    Yes. You do have a command of this vintage vulgarity and this link brings back memories. So much so that I had to dig into my wav file collection and pull out popeye.


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