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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 19, 2003 || 7:22 am

A few days ago, during a chem lecture (how, oh how can I so loathe math yet still adore chemistry?), I dropped a bit of twisty pretzel into my cleavage. Well, of course I plucked it out and popped it into my mouth (waste not, want not).

Then two days later when the professor passed around the attendance sheet for us to sign, written in tiny print in the block next to my name was

I love u Elizabeth!

I’ve no idea if the two were related.

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  1. Patti 9.19.2003


  2. Dean 9.19.2003

    Either that or your eyes.

  3. Angel 9.19.2003

    I think we all love you… pretzel from cleavage or not!

  4. Johnny T 9.19.2003

    Does that frighten you a little bit?

  5. fucko 9.19.2003


    that’s why you went back to school, right?


  6. Entrebat 9.19.2003

    Well, pretzels and cleavage always seem to hit buttons!

  7. I’d do him

  8. Jett 9.19.2003

    Dean: flattery is getting you EVERYWHERE!

    Angel: see Jett. see Jett (sorta) blush. see Angel move up about four notches on the Christmas list.

    Johnnaaay: not yet. I’ll become frigtened when he starts leaving bodily fluids in the block.

    fucko: JEALOUS! YOU ARE SO JEALOUS, YOU JEALOUS-Y JEALOUS LOSER. You WISH someone would notice you dropping salty treats onto your bosoms.

    Entre: there is a strange brand of fetishism I don’t know about involving pretzels, isn’t there?

    And Wretched Dee, of course YOU would, you whore. Me? I’m saving myself for all the young boys that line the NZ coastline waiting for an American chick to come tripping off a boat.


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