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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 17, 2003 || 10:07 pm

this reminds me of a story.

i don’t know why this brings to mind.

but i am reminded of my daddy telling stories.

money running the woods as children, flying off a carrier,

laying about him in a bar, in new orleans, and he’s laughing drunk.

but his favorite.

when he met my momma.

i can’t hardly do justice to it.

their first date was a fraternity dance, on top of the hills, and among columns so tall you couldn’t call it a porch.

people talk about elegance, but they don’t really understand it.

my momma was born with her chin up, and she has done nothing but get more beautiful since.

she has the manner of royalty, and the kind of tongue.

so sharp you been 4 blocks before you know you been cut.

my daddy, tho. he’s not only stronger and better looking than most, he’s funnier than everbody else.

he can not only use honor in a sentence, he can spell it 3 different ways.

they grew up with everbody watching.

my daddy cause they wanted to know what he would do next,

and my momma cause, well, what else was there worth looking at?

my daddy says he married late cause he was waiting for something more, and my momma was more than that.

Lord, there is more to this story, it takes longer to tell than ailments at the nursing home.

but the long and the short of it.

after 40 years, 6 births and some death, millions come and millions gone.

the girl at the grocery store was telling me about them, my momma and my daddy,

and how they hold hands in there.

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  1. Joe 9.19.2003

    My dad use to take my mom to the river and serenade her with his guitar. He stole her away from her boyfriend and they got married. I stole Josie away from her boyfriend back in the day but he was a skinny little alcoholic asshole loser. Funny, he still hasn’t changed.


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