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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 1, 2003 || 6:14 am

Over at the crazy neighbor lady’s there is a discussion blooming about computer names. My computer’s name is Rebirtha, The Enabler of Mayhemian Pursuits. Seems a bit much, I realize, but my last computer’s name was Don and, well….it lived up to its name, so I decided to go a little grander this time in the spirit of “name it, claim it” or “self-fulfilling prophecy” or somesuch.

So, what did you name your divine piece of technological time suckage, hmm?

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  1. my PC has ‘Be Good’ scratched into the monitor. does that count?

  2. waistdog 10.1.2003

    My computer itself, has no name.

    But the CD slot is named Betty.

  3. MaC 10.1.2003

    I call mine cindy… until she starts acting up, and then she is known only as “stupid compaq piece of- god damn fucking blue screen of – I hate you bill gates”

  4. John 10.1.2003

    At one place of employment we had all named our computers after different dialogues of Socrates. That should indicate a manner of intense geekatudal tendency. My current system is named carpetylenol after I spent an entire day reinstalling the OS.

  5. sugarmama 10.1.2003

    My computer’s name is HONKY. Check the headers if you’ve ever received an email from me.

  6. Keith 10.2.2003

    CD slot? You mean the cupholder thingy? Thelma has two of those!

  7. timato 10.2.2003

    er. i think it was called primus. cuz, you know, primus sucks.


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