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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 1, 2003 || 9:32 am

I spent much of today’s lab holding Chauncey’s hand, delicately dancing the tips of my own fingers across his metacarpals. That is, until he made me angry by putting a run in my stockings with his knobby femur (disarticulated men are so reckless).

I am bad to sit with a finger or two resting on my lower lip or between my teeth. I was doing this with my left hand, holding Chauncey’s femur, staff-like, in my right when the girl to my right expressed her grossed-outedness:

“Ew, you’ve been touching that and you don’t know where it’s beee-eeen!” She was, of course, referring to the finger that had snuggled its way up in between my teeth and sat contented and warm there after recently handling various bits of my sweet prince Chauncey (bad teeth notwithstanding); ‘that’ and ‘it’ being terms for Chauncey’s aforementioned various bits. I quickly rallied to rescue my poor Chauncey’s ego.

“I most certainly DO,” I replied brightly, “It’s been nestled amongst layers of tissue, like a present!”

“Still….” she said incredulously, condemning me for my lack of hygenic caution.

Whereupon I stuck my tongue waaaay out, flattening it and running it down the length of Chauncey’s bumpy left Linea aspera. After which I (of course) threw the obvious punchline out there,

“Eh, tastes like chicken.”

The cute boy with the green eyes (Aaron? Adam? I’ll make an attempt to get to know him now) near-bout fell out of his seat, so doubled over with laughter was he. I made that boy squeeze tears and go a shade of purply-red, and lemme tell you, that just made my day in about ten ways.

I looked, wide-eyed and blinking, dumbly at Neighbor Seat Girl. I’m betting I don’t have any problems with being left alone henceforward.

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  1. John 10.1.2003

    It’s the thumb you have to worry about.

  2. Tina 10.1.2003


    You’re the COOLEST, ever! You about made me fall out of my chair and I’m just sitting here reading the events that took place. Had I been there I would have had to make a trip home to change my drawers. :D

  3. Patti 10.1.2003

    Jett, schweety, you have turned my worse sinus headache ever into my worstest laughter headache ever… you owe me. That being said… I actually knew someone named Rose, who, when she died, had her body donated to science – aka – a medical school. I’ve always wondered whatever happened to her earthly containment unit… and now I have some ideas. heh. AND, knowing Rose, she’s laughing her ass off about it, as much as I am.

  4. waistdog 10.1.2003

    Poor John’s having thumb nightmares.


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