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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 1, 2003 || 11:04 am

People search for some strange crap; I mean, come onnnnn, Easter bunny for Jim Morrison? What gives?

I am a little taken aback at the fact that I’m only number sixty-five, though. Also, I’m trying to picture the sadsack that follows those results all the way through to number sixty-five. Do they not have anything to do? Do they not realize that if the first couple pages of results didn’t proffer up satisfactory linkage, then they are –for the most part– privy to a condition known as ‘Shit Out Of Luck’?

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  1. Stevie 10.1.2003

    Well, he found you. I’d consider that worth it.

    I get the same shit, myself. “Laura Swishers boobs’, ‘the cleft palate movie’ and ‘the lobster couple’. The only one I even have an idea about is that last one. I think it’s from ‘Friends’ about Ross & Rachael.

    (Who da hell is Laura Swisher?)

    Tiger over at Tiglaw just said the same thing about this. Bizarre searches miles deep into it…who knows?

  2. Cush 10.1.2003

    F##kin’ google!!! I tried it today as it was my normal way to find you, low and behold, you are not there. You were #1…. now you are not. This makes it much more difficult to google you. What would change from last week? Will you end up at 69? That wouldn’t be sooo bad.

    Anyway, always a pleasure to read you, and, for the sake of audience participation, mine is called “tomsbox”… Now for my computer name…

  3. katt 10.1.2003

    was looking for frogpond and found you… really weird…felt the need to say hey. maybe i was meant to find you…. ooohhh….i’m stange and cannt helkp it..ignore me…

  4. trouble 10.1.2003

    as you wish, my dear.

  5. Joe 10.1.2003

    Indeed, three pages on Google and I’m out of there!

  6. new game:

    make up the most ridiculous search you can think of and follow the 61st link. for the good of all them referral diggers.

    “ridiculous google referral that is worth blogging about” was my first attempt. fun for the whole family!

    (not really that fun)

  7. Chubby Momma 10.2.2003

    Sadly, because of my use of expletives, I tend to get alot of people who seem to want to do some kinky odd things with my husband’s mother..

  8. trouble 10.2.2003

    the idea dont interest me, but i do like the term “referraldiggers”


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