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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 27, 2003 || 11:55 am

Being employed in Social Services is just the biggest HOOT, honey!

So, hey, there I was early Saturday afternoon, taking one of my young clients to visit his brother in long-term care. We were sharing a visit room with another patient and a couple members of his family, so it wasn’t difficult to overhear their conversation, no matter how hard I tried to filter it out.

The boy was about sixteen, big and with a face a bit like a bagful of smashed crabs (thanks, Ross); he wasn’t unattractive, per se, but you could tell when you looked at him dead-on (which I did several times, as he insisted on alternating between staring at my breasts and attempting to engage me in conversation) that all the bacon didn’t make it into the skillet. That, and he could’ve benefitted from a little Clearasil. He had a pretty healthy speech impediment and (apparently) a robust problem with managing his tendency toward rage. I know this because he was discussing with his somewhat aged great aunt and his ancient grandmother his recent threat to kill his doctor and any staff he could latch onto. Their discussion progressed to the consequences of his actions toward that end; the hospital was apparently sending the future serial rapist big ole fella to an institution with more hardcore leanings soon and his toothless, wrinkled-beyond-belief grandmother was concerned in a mighty fashion.

Mawmaw! That place is not far no drunks.

“It’s far homicidals and suicidals and people whose heads ain’t right what trysta hurt themselves and others.

“Don’t worry; it ain’t far drunks.”

This was all delivered without a hint of sarcasm.

Even today, two full days later, all I can do is marvel. This kid is locked up on a juvie mental ward, is a danger to society, is about to be sent somewhere with crazier, even more dangerous people, and she’s worried about it being full of yay-hoos with the DTs….instead of being worried about something like, ohhh, him learning far more deviant behavior.

Makes me wanna use the Lord’s name in vain, y’all.

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  1. c 10.27.2003

    people are strange when you’re a stranger

    faces look ugly when you’re alone

    women seem wicked when you’re unwanted

    streets are uneven when you’re down

    when you’re strange

    faces come out of the rain

    when you’re strange

    no one remembers your name…

  2. sean 10.27.2003


  3. Anonymous 10.27.2003

    Jett, I was doing some early Christmas shopping and found a catalog right up our alleys. Let me know if you see anything you can use. :-)

  4. Sgt. Mac 10.27.2003

    I’d like to order a ball and chain…and a pair of the Inhumane torso restraints….

    Please ship to smartAssKidsinthehouse c/o apissedoffoldman.

  5. waistdog 10.27.2003

    And yet, through all this, all I can think of is…. how do you know if someone from Alabama has a speech impediment?


    A little California humor there.

    I just spent a few minutes talking with a female trucker from Alabama.

    And I have NO idea what she said.

    Although, I sort of caught “haw hays the hells hare?”

    But, I’m not sure.

  6. sean 10.28.2003

    Bollocks to California.

  7. James 10.28.2003

    Well, at least as he enters the insitution, his last memories of the outside world will be of your breasts. :)

  8. Jett 10.28.2003

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present thee James, The Eternal Optimist!

  9. Whad’ya expect, you live in Alabama, for Chrissakes.


    (Yes, I’ve noticed there are utterly vapid, retarded people in the world.)




    P.S. Take a look at bpdcentral.com . You might find it interesting for your work.


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